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By CEDCryptoCoin | CEDCryptoCoin | 20 Jun 2019

Introduce Blaze Economy

Blaze Economy is a platform of interconnected games and features. Unlike traditional casino Dapps, Blaze players can use gambling, mining, trading, and PvP strategies to earn profit. Players who pick the right strategy at the right time will earn the most Tron!

The most unique feature in Blaze Economy is the Exchange Rate. The Exchange Rate is how much Tron you earn for selling your Blaze Points. It is a living entity that changes throughout the day based on all players’ actions. When players get lucky while playing our games, the exchange rate drops. When players are unlucky, the rate goes up. As a player, you want to sell your points at a high exchange rate when possible.

Players can gain Blaze Points in a few ways (more to come soon):


1) Blaze Machine – This is our flagship game based on fair RNG. Players roll to get a lucky number between 0-99. Based on the size of their bet and number they roll, they are awarded Blaze Points.

2) Buying Points – Players can choose to buy points directly and avoid luck all together. Buying points carries a premium, which is fed directly back into the market to help raise the rate for all players.

3) Blaze Kings - This is our first PvP game that does not use points. Instead, players can challenge one of the Kings to claim a throne that earns passive TRX and BLAZE. Kings also has a progressive Jackpot that grows from every Kings bet. Rolling a 0 when playing Kings will win this Jackpot!

When you roll or buy points, you are also mining BLAZE token. Not only do you earn daily dividends for BLAZE you freeze, but special features can be unlocked based on how much BLAZE you have frozen. We are building in many fun features for you to unlock.

If you still have questions, check out our Whitepaper and Tutorial Video below. We are always happy to help in our social channels as well. Good luck!



Last Price     26.950000 TRX        Change 24hod.  +11.83%   High  26.950000 TRX   Low    24.100000 TRX

Volume  35730.704389 BLAZE

Blaze economy earn dividend

White paper: chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/





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