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Bankroll is a secure, decentralized, and borderless social trust

3.33% of deposits are paid out daily, down to the minute


Fund Box 190903265-7b37392a0835328cc3e0c72ba2cfbcdd96e11c5739054b997b39bcea305da2a7.png   1. Shows the total credits you own. If you’re not in the contract this will show 0. You have to enter in the amount of Tron you would like enter into the contract (3) and then hit the ‘Fund’ button (6) and then you will see total credits in this area. 2. This displays the amount of referral and sponsorship credits available to you. We will breakdown how you can receive referrals and sponsorships for this smart contract. 3. As stated in number one, this input box is for the amount of Tron you would like to fund to the contract to get credits. 4. There is a 15% fee on deposits into the contract. So, if you deposit 100 TRX, you will receive 85 Credits. A breakdown of these fees is documented in the later sections of this guide. 5. The whale status shows the total number of TRX in order to be a whale. What makes this project sustainable is this feature right here. If your Total credits (1) is equal to or higher than the whale status (5) then you will not receive the full 3.33% daily return, instead a lower percentage is returned until your Total Credits (1) becomes lower than the Whale Status (5) value. This is beneficial to the contract because it will only pay out a proportional value to that of the total value of the contract, keeping the payouts and the health of the contract more sustainable. 6. This button is pretty self explanatory. After you enter a value in ‘Funding Amount’, click this button to receive credits.  

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Claim Box
1. This field displays the total amount of withdrawals in Tron you have taken from the contract. This number is also increased if you reinvest (hitting the Roll button) in the contract as well. 2. Referrals: ​ This value stores the amount you have received in referral commissions. You will receive referrals by other people using your referral link as they invest in Bankroll. If they are using your referral link you will receive 1.25% commission on their investment daily as long as there are funds in the contract. ​ Sponsorships: ​ This will be discussed in more detail in the next section as we review the Sponsor box, but this value in this box displays the TRX you received from sponsorships. 3. These fields display the current earnings you have received. When you withdraw (4) or reinvest (5) your investment, these values go back to 0. 4. This button withdraws your earnings. Keep in mind, once you enter the contract, all of your money is in the contract and you cannot withdraw that investment, the only withdrawals that can happen are earnings on your investment which is 3.33% daily (if your investment is under whale status) or a lower percentage (if your investment is equal to or greater than the whale status value).

5. This button will reinvest your credited/available balance back into the contract which will grow your credits. This is where you can use the power of compounding to grow your credit balance and receive a higher daily payout over time.
Sponsor Box
1. The Tron wallet address of the recipient who you would like to sponsor credits to. 2. The amount of Tron you would like to sponsor. 3. The fund button processes the sponsor transaction. 4. This switch allows you to use your own credits from the contract, keep in mind that this will decrease the amount of credits you own in the contract.   What is a sponsor? A sponsor allows for someone to send Tron to a friend, family member or acquaintance which will turn into credits allowing that special someone to enjoy earning Tron. Here is an example of how it works. John sponsors 100 TRX to Jane. Jane will receive 85 credits in her account and will start earning 3.33% daily on those 85 credits. Since John sent this Tron to Jane, John will receive 1.25% of the 100 TRX, 1.25 credits. Both will receive Tron from this sponsorship for as long as the Bankroll contract has Tron in it to pay out.  

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Do Credits go up in value? No, a credit is not a token that can be exchanged, nor does it go up or down in value. Essentially, 1 TRON = 1 Credit, and it will always stay that way. When you buy 100 TRX you will receive 85 Credits (15% fee on your deposit).   What is the Fee structure? When depositing into Bankroll a 15% fee is assessed. Of that 15% fee... 12.5% is allocated to the treasury for sustainability of the project. 1.25% is paid to referrals or custody (roll). 1.25% is paid to custody for development and management of the project   How long until I get my initial investment back? If I invest 100 TRX into Bankroll, I will receive 85 Credits (after 15% deposit fee). So here is how we can calculate this.... 85 * .0333 (3.33% Daily) = 2.8305 Tron per day. Based on 2.8305 Tron per day, I will have my 100 TRX investment back after 35 Days. I arrived at that number by dividing 100 (my initial Tron investment) by 2.8305 (Tron per day based on 100 TRX investment).   Can I sell a portion or completely remove my position in Bankroll? When you invest in Bankroll you’re not holding a position, you are completely giving your investment to the contract. The only way to get that investment back is to wait on your investment earnings. If you do not roll your earnings you will receive your 100% investment back after 35 days. After 35 days you will be earning 100% profit. Keep in mind, the contract will only pay out if there is Tron in the contract, so promoting the platform in a positive light to your family and friends will help maintain and sustain the contract.     Make sure you have a TRONLink wallet. For more information on how to create one, click here. To play on mobile devices please use Math Wallet or TronWallet.

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