Some Quirky Things About Left-Pawed Cats And Dogs

Some Quirky Things About Left-Pawed Cats And Dogs

By Cat And Dog Tips | Cat And Dog Tips | 30 Apr 2021

Although not as apparent as in humans, cats and dogs are known to show a natural paw preference.


As in humans, the reason as to why a cat or dog shows this preference is unclear but theories include:

Exposure in the womb to a D (dextral) gene that could influence a left or right preference.

The dominant chromosome allele make-up of the pet's parents


Which paw the pet leads with when descending stairs can be a clue to paw preference.

The leading paw when stepping over an object may indicate preference too.

It may take a while to notice the paw preference of a pet and a minority show no preference at all.


Studies on paw preference have been carried out and provided some interesting findings.


1. Male cats and dogs have been shown to favor the left paw over the right one.

Interestingly, human males are more likely to be left-handed than females.


2. One study highlighted that around 75% of cats showed a paw preference.


3. A study has shown that left-pawed and ambidextrous dogs are more fearful and stressed than right-pawed dogs.


4. Guide dog training studies showed that right-pawed dogs were twice as likely to pass their training than left-pawed dogs.

This could be a sign of the extra fearfulness indicated in their left-pawed counterparts as mentioned in point 3


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