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By Timmytushoes | CasualCrypto | 18 May 2021

Disclaimer: Many mobile mining apps are not actually mining, and are instead, trading their currency for your app information, location information, contacts, etc. etc. Keep this in mind at ALL times when you are interacting with any and ALL free apps, crypto, etc. Nothing is truly free. I will do my best to provide detailed information and reflections after 1 month and 1 year for each of these free opportunities! If you're skeptical, check back and ask questions, and remember, always always DYOR. I am primarily installing these and using them to see their earning potential, whether or not they seem legitimate, and to provide you guys with information based on my own experiences with these apps. Some will be scams. Some will not be worth anything. Some will fail. These are not necessarily recommendations for investments

So, here's another passive mining app for your phone, Reflex Cloud Mining. I will start this one off with this: I believe that this is more cash grab-y than the other apps I've posted about, and it is a bit jankier in terms of functionality. It also has a lot more ads than the other two, although these ads are simply banners as opposed to video ads. That being said, the Reflex Cryptocurrency does currently have value, at about .003. This is fairly small, but it is one of the few mobile currencies you can earn for free that DOES have value already associated with it. This is for people who are not as interested in a mining service with no associated value with it initially.

As usual, here is their website. Their white paper, and their news.



How to Mine (plus Referral Code!)

If you use my code, 95371 you will receive 30 RFX instantly, which is about how much I've earned in the entirety of my mining on this app, I did not use a referral code and honestly I regret it. It is a much slower, passive process. Every 180 Minutes or 3 Hours you can start a timer that will passively earn you about 1.5-1.8 RFX. This simply requires the push of a button, much like Pi or Bee. This app has you create an account and you will constantly need to login, however, this opportunity to earn free crypto may be worth it for small investors and people looking to earn free crypto. 

This means you'll be able to earn about 12-15 RFX a day, and then this RFX may then be staked to earn additional RFX. However, keep in mind that this is including the 8 hours that one would normally be asleep, meaning it's much more realistic to expect 8-10 per day. This adds up to about a value of 3 Cents a day, not counting any increases in its price or any staking rewards. This one is much less reward, however, it is fairly low effort as well, and that value is real, as opposed to things like Pi or Midoin, where their values are purely speculative. This will allow you to earn assured value that you can swap as soon as you are able to withdraw.


As you can see, there are lots of banner ads, which makes it look kind of junky.

Staking RFX

You can also stake your RFX, this can be done after each RFX Earning cycle, and will earn you additional RFX. 500 RFX is needed to begin staking, so this will be something you get into later. After reaching 50,000 RFX staked, and then 200,000 RFX staked you will gain access to special bonuses and earn additional revenue. However, this likely won't be realistic for many people. You WILL however receive about 26% APY. 

Is it Worth it?

I am skeptical of this app, out of each of the apps I have gone over, despite its established value. This is largely due to the feel, and constant presence of ads within the app, which makes it feel more like clickbait. However, this can be withdrawn after 2000 RFX to any ETH ERC20 Address. It is also listed on ABIT and UNISWAP, so this one is certainly 'legit', it just doesn't really feel legit with how the app is designed. Also, this means you will be able to swap your RFX for other types of currency once you have earned enough, opening the doors to many low cap Altcoins and smaller projects.

That being said, I do not necessarily recommend it, it is an option to try out, if you would like to alongside me, or you can check back and see my experiences with these different apps and services in the coming months and in 1 year!

DISCLAIMER: Mining Apps are not usually actually cloud mining. Many of these free services are actually using your data, or monetizing their app with advertisements. These apps COULD gain value in the future, but in their current iterations, they likely won't gain value until the currency is no longer minable. Keep this in mind, and treat these as small, micro passive earning opportunities that may or may not end up gaining value. Please keep that in mind before downloading any mining related apps, as they may be taking your data (like Facebook does!).

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Check back in the coming months to see a new article about my experiences and earnings, and I will do a final reflection on this app in 1 year, detailing my earnings, experiences, and news.


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