Initiative Q - Referral Based (Pyramid Scheme?) Crypto Community from Ex-Paypal Fraud Security Team

By Timmytushoes | CasualCrypto | 18 May 2021

Disclaimer: Keep this in mind at ALL times when you are interacting with any and ALL free apps, crypto, etc.: Nothing is truly free. I will do my best to provide detailed information and reflections after 1 month and 1 year for each of these free opportunities! If you're skeptical, check back and ask questions, and remember, always always DYOR. I am primarily installing these and using them to see their earning potential, whether or not they seem legitimate, and to provide you guys with information based on my own experiences with these apps. Some will be scams. Some will not be worth anything. Some will fail. These are not necessarily recommendations for investments. You may however, join in with me on these free or low-cost opportunities that you may not be aware of!

This one is a bit different from a lot of my other posts. 

Don't worry, it's still a crypto earning opportunity with a low barrier of entry and, potentially, free. That being said, it functions differently from others, and is a bit more of a pyramid scheme from the looks of it initially. This of course, comes with a lot of negative bias, however, I will still be going over my experiences with it over the next year as a way to follow along with me on a journey into free and low-barrier NFTs/Crypto. 

So, without further ado, here's Initiative Q. You can check out its timeline. its FAQ. and more About the team.


Initative Q is a little weird. It's not a mining app, it's not really an earning app, it's more like a network, and as such, the only way to gain more value is to gain access to the network, and give others access to the network. This means you're only going to be rewarded for successfully recruiting new people. So, of course, my experiences with this app are only going to be valuable if I can recruit people, and likewise, YOUR experiences will be too. As such, this is an option that is significantly more valuable the more friends, family, or followers you have who you might be able to sway to join. As such, it probably won't be that valuable for me :*D BUT I will still be covering my experiences with it in the coming year.

How do I Join?

So here's how you get in, you need an invite in order to join, which you can snag here. The goal is to recruit additional people to Initiative Q, which has a target goal of gaining 1Q = $1. By signing up through my link, you will gain 897Q when I accept you! Now, once you're in, which requires an invite, you can now invite your friends and additional people to gain additional Q. This is much more effort than say, free mining apps, however, it also has a bit more potential for value, and naturally a bit more risk as well. It should be noted that WHEN you join, you only have about 14 Days to verify 4 new people. I am still currently in this process so I DO NOT currently know if that continues, or if that's it and you're done. If you join early on, you should be wary of this and aim to make most of your initial recruiting within these first 2 weeks, I will update with more information as I learn more about this app.


Earn Bonus 1000Q

After signing up, you can earn an additional 1100 or so Q by installing the mobile app for Initiative Q, I recommend doing this for an easy boost in Q, likely doubling or tripling your current Q when you first get started. Plus it'll save you having to login constantly onto desktop. 

Is it Worth it?

This could potentially be lucrative as a result. But it's also a little sketchy. The thing is, like all other currencies, this has no value unless people decide it does. However, you can then invite more people, and gain additional Q through those invites.   As I said before, their target goal is supposedly 1:1USD, which would make the rewards they are giving early on potentially very lucrative for a free option. That being said, if it's too good to be true, it likely is, so please don't come into it with expectations of thousands of dollars. I imagine that value will not be reached, though I tend to be very cynical in these situations.

But, I will say, this is from ex members of Paypal, which, while Paypal may be involved in a few scandals, is a fairly legitimate company for a team to come from and DOES give some financial legitimacy to the project. The founder is specifically from a fraud security company, so, them being a fraud would be ironic, to say the least.

Do I trust it?

This is one of the things I am least convinced of, simply because of the referral only, refer-to-earn style that it has. However, because this is CasualCrypto, I basically have to try this out and see how it works, I am hopeful that it will be a good decision, but at the same time I'm not going to be too hopeful. Perhaps it will end up being a useful network for both myself and you, my readers.

That being said, this project will require significant research and time before its clear which way it will go. I do not currently recommend this as an investment, but I do think it's potentially an opportunity to earn. That being said, over the next few weeks and after a year, I will reflect on this in additional articles, so check back then for more on Initiative Q!

I figure, they only require an email address and a phone number and that information is public or gathered by 90% of all other companies anyways, so this one is not necessarily as risky as others might be, in case it is a scam. Of course, always use your own discretion here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it. I will continue to update with new information and create articles and news about specific projects as they become available! Check out my blog for different free and low-cost options to enter NFTs and Crypto! This article will have a second article released in about 2 weeks with my first impressions and answers to whether or not the 14 days is the end of the referral period. If there is a secondary referral period, I will continue to use Q up until I am no longer able to earn, and hopefully do a 1 year reflection on it, if not, the articles for Q will end there, with a reflection then. Don't forget to tip and follow! :)

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