Reflex Space Hunting - A "Game" to earn additional Reflex

By Timmytushoes | CasualCrypto | 30 May 2021

So, previously I covered an introductory article on Reflex Cloud Mining, which you can check out here

Ultimately, my concern about Reflex was that, while it does have an established value, the Reflex Cloud Mining app came off as a little janky because of the ads and banners everywhere and poorly made login system. I STILL am currently using it, I plan to use each thing I cover for at least a year, to give you guys the details on whether or not they proved to be good choices. I will cover these monthly and go into some of my favorites each month, you can check this out in a few days, on June 1st or 2nd!

So, let's get started on this: Another way to earn Reflex is here, and it's Reflex Space Hunting. You can check it out on Android here. It does not appear to be available on Apple currently. 

You can earn 1 Reflex every 2 Hours, this puts it at, or slightly above the rate of the mining app, which is about 1.4 per 3 Hours. The downside is that you need to reach 2000 RFX to withdraw. This means if you do this app 6 times a day, it will take you 1 Year before you can add it to your other RFX balance. How appropriate that I'm doing it for 1 year minimum! This will allow me to give you details on the withdraw process and whether or not RFX gains any value beyond its current .003. 

This currency is NOT worth a lot. This is not going to make you a lot of money, but it's one free option which could allow you to swap on Uniswap for some other types of Crypto. This specific currency I've found for the sake of the more skeptical investors, who want an actual, established value before they begin to mine. Unfortunately, with that comes the drawback of it potentially being too low to be worth the time for some people!

So, if you want to sign up for this game, you can use my code 22552 to earn a special referral bonus. I don't actually know what you receive for this app specifically, as it does not say in-app, but I imagine it's similar to the other Reflex Mining App. 

EDIT 6/8: I have since received a few referrals (Thank you my wonderful fellow miners!) I have earned either 5 RFX or 10 RFX each, I do not know how much you guys earn, but I imagine it is the same value! This ends up being about 10 Hours of Mining (5 Cycles of 2 hours) or 20 Hours of Mining (10 Cycles of 2 hours)

As for gameplay, this is, like many crypto-related games, only really a game in the simplest sense. It's essentially a clicker that you click every 2 hours that's been gamified (ala Alien Worlds, for example). You simply start the mission and click the spinning coin, and choose to claim your RFX.

an important note: the 2x rewards does not work at the time of this writing. Do not click it, you will lose your reward entirely. Don't.

My final thoughts on Reflex as a whole is that it appears that they are able to establish some value to their coin, and that's good, they also have it available on Uniswap, so you can 100% make real money and trade for other crypto if you amass enough of this currency. I am not too impressed with the apps themselves, as they both are junky in different ways. That being said, RFX is not worth a lot at all, at only about .003, and there may be other options that are more worthwhile. This will be for the more reserved person looking for a free entry point into cryptocurrency with no doubts about that currency's value. You are trading risk/doubt for an assured, smaller value.

Combined together, I believe RFX can be a good value for some if they reach that 2000 Withdraw limit on this game, and then transfer it over to their Reflex Cloud Mining and Stake it, which will earn about 26% Interest per year, or about 2% per month, if you'd rather lock it for less time. I also believe that, if for some reason RFX were to grow in value, or create a better use-case for their currency, they would likely increase in value and you could get more value out of your mining for 'free'.

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