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By Timmytushoes | CasualCrypto | 15 May 2021

Disclaimer: Many mobile mining apps are not actually mining, and are instead, trading their currency for your app information, location information, contacts, etc. etc. Keep this in mind at ALL times when you are interacting with any and ALL free apps, crypto, etc. Nothing is truly free. I will do my best to provide detailed information and reflections after 1 month and 1 year for each of these free opportunities! If you're skeptical, check back and ask questions, and remember, always always DYOR. I am primarily installing these and using them to see their earning potential, whether or not they seem legitimate, and to provide you guys with information based on my own experiences with these apps. Some will be scams. Some will not be worth anything. Some will fail. These are not necessarily recommendations for investments

You can earn cryptocurrency, specifically BEE, through Bee Network. Their coin, BEE, is a mineable coin which has about the same rates, and a very similar system to Pi Network, where each time the userbase reaches a certain amount, the mining rate is reduced by 50%, slowly creating scarcity. You could bee a winner if you mine this crypto and it ends up taking off. All it needs is to get the buzz going. Ok, ok, I'll stop.



To start with, here is their White Paper. You can also check out the FAQ here

How to Mine:

So mining is very easy, and just like Pi Network, each day you are able to click a button which will confirm your mining and you will begin to earn a base rate of 0.2 Bee / hr. You simply tap the small bee in the center and he will turn green and begin to buzz in the circle. This means you are mining and you can come back each day. Each new referral or connection you make will increase yours AND your referrer's earnings by 0.05 Bee / hr.

How to Earn More:

You can earn more by referring people, and having them within your team, this will increase both of your earnings, and give whoever joins BEE, which is the equivalent of about 5 Hours of mining. This isn't much, but it will get you started! If you use my referral code timmytushoes you will receive this 1 BEE and additional bonuses (about 0.05 bonus Bee / hr). I also assure you that I will be mining daily as part of my research into these different mining apps, so you will constantly receive your bonus earnings on top of the base rate! As soon as Security Circles are enabled, I will begin to use these as well, and make sure to include new people each day to give bonuses to everybody!

I have currently mined about 20 Bee, there are no ads, and the interface is nice and buzz free! This is definitely a huge bonus, compared to other mining apps which often have an ad after every activation cycle! The lack of monetization makes it feel a bit more authentic as a result as well.

So join today! Help me out and I'll help you out, and together we'll take a journey through this mining app for 1 year, after which I will make an article detailing my findings, how much I have earned, and, if available, how much the currency is worth.

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This is currently not worth anything, or on exchanges. This is a big concern, because if the developers choose not to aim for an exchange, and instead decide to do its own little marketplace, that will severely reduce the overall perceived value of this coin. This also means that there is risk that your daily mining will be worth nothing at the end of the day. 

My biggest concern with Bee Network is that it appears to just be a carbon copy of Pi Network. I am also concerned that I cannot seem to find the team publicly available anywhere. That being said, I am quite fond of the aesthetics and appearance, and while I do not rate it as positively as Pi Network, I do believe it is well presented. I also see it as another chance to diversify my free earnings, which will protect me from the risk of one, or multiple not panning out. I believe having more free mining options will protect you from the loss of value or project failure in one.

That being said, I am not advising anyone to join or treat this as an investment. The primary goal here is to find free and cheap ways to get into crypto!

If you liked my article, please tip or follow! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or requests please comment! Thanks again for taking the time to read my article! If you're one of the first to read this, and you sign up through my referral and comment with your username, I will add you to my security circle on Bee Network as soon as it becomes available, further boosting your BEE rates!

If I have any other Phone Mining related Applications that I have done articles on, they will be found here in a series of links down below. 

Check out my Pi Network article here, where you can mine for PI every day. I believe this is the original, and Bee is the copy. I would advise, of the two, that you check out Pi before Bee, so go give that article a look as well!

You can also check out Reflex Cloud Mining here, where you can mine every 3 hours. This one is worth about .003 per token, which isn't much but it IS listed on UNISWAP

Check out Midoin Mining here!

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