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Getting Started with Gala Games & Town Star: Creating Your Account

Welcome! I'm assuming you're here because you want to learn more about how to be successful playing Town Star and I hope to help you do just that. The complete guide is still in the works BUT I'm releasing them part by part as soon as I finish them so follow me here on Publish0x to stay updated! Watch out for the complete guide once I have all of the pieces together! Hopefully very very soon!


If you’ve recently just stumbled upon the gem of a game that is Town Star and you’re wondering how to get started, how to play it, and how things work, this -will- be the place to be. Pretty soon. Right now the best place to be is the Discord server to find the answers you’re looking for, hopefully in a week or two just being here will already have you ready to go.

I’ll be building this up bit by bit, making separate articles for each relevant aspect of learning the game so bookmark this page and come back to check every now and then or follow me here in Publish0x to be notified about each article as soon as I have them up. If things go according to plan this will be the first part of an in-depth guide to all things Town Star.

Town Star, a farm building strategy game that highlights resource and time management, is the flagship game of the Gala blockchain and it promises to be a revolutionary gaming experience for everyone. You could say it's the FarmVille of blockchain with a competitive twist, and if it becomes as big of a hit as its predecessor it may just be the introduction to crypto that tips the scales towards mass adoption. But only time will tell, and you get to be one of the judges of that.  

Of course the journey from farm to town will have to begin with creating your Gala account which happens to come with its own blockchain wallet, so the extra steps taken for security are expected.

Creating an Account:

Making your account will be quick and simple but it will be important to take note of the information you input.

First: Register here by clicking “Try it FREE” found on the upper right corner of your screen.

Now use these pictures as your guide.

Gala Account

a. Enter a valid email address.
b. Input the relevant information.
c. Upload a photo (if you want, you can change this any time from your profile)
d. Player Profile created!! Buuuut we're not yet done.

Again your account comes with its own blockchain wallet so let's do that now.

Gala Wallet

a. You'll be asked to enter an encryption passcode to secure your wallet, this should be different from your Gala account password. No need to know the technical differences, just keep in mind that the encrpytion passcode should be terribly difficult to associate with you and ideally something nobody would even bother trying to memorize.
b. Next you’ll be shown your recovery phrase which is a series of twelve random words in a specific order. Take note of these words as you’ll need this for resetting your password and changing your account information if needed. If you lose this and you forget your password there is no way of accessing your wallet anymore. Click the checkbox below and click continue.
c. You’ll be tested three times to make sure you were able to write down a copy of your recovery phrase.
d. Boom! You’re in and now you’re just a few clicks away from getting into the game.

UP NEXT: How To Play

A crash course on how to get into the game and what to do once you're in. Something not everyone is able to figure out their first time trying.


NEW USER SIGNUP OFFER: If you're new to Gala Games, sign up using my link, and decide to upgrade to a Gala Gold account, I'll be sending you 10,000 Gala as well as a 25% off your upgrade fee ($2.5 in BTC)! Send me a message on discord @andrewii#3848 BEFORE you upgrade to Gala Gold. Screen record for proof just in case I'll need to confirm!

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