How to Play Town Star

Getting Started with Town Star: How to Play (Beginner's Guide)

Welcome! I'm assuming you're here because you want to learn more about how to be successful playing Town Star and I hope to help you do just that. The complete in-depth guide is still in the works BUT I'm releasing them part by part as soon as I finish them so follow me here on Publish0x to stay updated! Watch out for the complete guide once I have all of the pieces together! Hopefully very very soon!

So you've managed to make your Gala Account and you're wondering "now what?" 

With this you'll be able to make the jump from your Gala Account to getting your own town, then earning your first few thousand dollars and city points in Town Star. Lezgo!

Start Town Star

a) Once logged into your account click “LEARN MORE” within the Town Star picture or click the “Games” tab found at the bottom of your screen.
b) Click “PLAY NOW” which has replaced the Learn More button. 
c) Wait for the loading to finish. Do note that it usually takes significantly longer to load the first time you run the game.
d) Click “PLAY” again aaaaaand here we go.

You’ll be welcomed by the World Map which is pretty cool as it actually is a map of the world.

Location Selection

a) Pick a location by click on any tile on the map.
b) Confirm that’s where you want to place your town.
c) Name your town and click OK.
d) Welcome to your Town!

The game is still in it's very early stages and there are a lot of things higher on the priority list of the devs but it's very likely in-game instructions will be added eventually to make getting started easier for new users, but for now it leaves you to figure things out on your own. Charging on ahead might leave you wondering what the hell you're doing before you figure out what you're supposed to do so hopefully this sheds some light and saves you some time.


a) Zoom out a bit to be able to see the extent of your property. On your farm you should see a farmer walking towards the field then proceeding to store the wheat collected, he of course doesn't work for free and every minute you'll notice his wage being deducted from your initial $25,000 capital.
b) Click on any tile on your property and once you do you'll notice the two icons pop up on the lower right, go ahead and click the Shop.


c) At the shop you'll be able to purchase new buildings and in the process hire new workers for your town. Notice on the bottom of the screen you have various options: Farm, Ranch, Terrain, Industrial, and Trade. In recent weeks you'd have to figure out what each one did so it really was a matter of trial, error, and exploration. The next update however will give us an info button in the store which will give basic information about what the building crafts or does in the game!
d) Click on the Truck Depot. You're given two options: sell your Truck Depot and earn an easy $1250, or sell your products by clicking "Sell".

To continue developing your town and paying your workers you'll have to sell your facilities or sell the products you're able to create.


a) To sell your products you have to take 3 things into consideration: you need a certain number of each product to be able to sell them (10 for the truck depot), you only have 40 initial units of gasoline and you need gas to be able to deliver your products, lastly you'll have to wait a certain time for your truck to return depending on how far the nearest city is. 
b) Once you've decided on what to sell, your products are lugged into the truck and off it goes.
c) When your truck returns simply click it's icon again to claim your hard earned money. 
d) Along with the raining $$$$$ is an explosion of stars representing the city points you've earned. Congratulations!

Now you're equipped with the information you need to start exploring Town Star. If you find yourself unhappy with your town, you can simply go back to the world map then click your town and nuke it to start over.  For now we simply breezed through how to play, but this is a strategy game and basically every decision you make will somehow affect how you progress and there's still quite a lot to learn!

We'll start tackling these things soon and if you're interested in learning more feel free to follow me here on Publish0x!

UP NEXT: Location Selection

Your town and strategy will depend highly on the resources available to you based on the location you pick! Learn more about the types of terrain you can choose from (Forests, Plains, Dessets) and how your surroundings affects your town.

PREVIOUSLY: Creating an Account; How To Play


Interested in developing your own farm? Start by creating a Gala Games account!

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