Bitcoin now has a APY greater than gold and silver

By Cassandre60 | Cassandre Crypto | 27 Aug 2020

  In the age of COVID-19, the world's governments are printing money like there's no tomorrow. The inflation it has caused has exacerbated capital flight from fiat currencies. And it looks like Bitcoin is currently the asset with the best returns.

The dollar's crash started before Corona, the pandemic and the associated lockdown only accelerated this crash. The national currencies of most countries were heavily devalued by numerous stimulus packages. Traditionally, gold and silver are the assets that are used to protect against this devaluation - but the BTC recently outperformed them both.

This year all three assets saw a clear plus. Bitcoin, however, gained 64%, gold 28% and silver around 48%. So BTC has been able to generate almost as much profit in 2020 as the two precious metals combined - and although gold has now even reached its all-time high, BTC has not yet.

What does that mean for you? Giving that the price of BTC is unlikely to fall below $9K mark anytime soon, you could at least protect your asset by holding your bitcoin share until the price stabilises again.

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