Do you have a lot of XYO tokens? [Update]

By carlkidcrypto | Carlkid Crypto | 13 Jan 2021

Hello All,

It has been quite some time since my last post. Today after writing this post [Do you have a lot of XYO tokens?] roughly 6 months ago it is surprising to see what has changed.

XYO-ETH Uniswap Liq

Since the initial post here is what has changed.

Total Liquidity: $30.93 --> $6,884

Pooled Tokens: 21,777 XYO --> 19, 294, 196 XYO

Pooled Tokens: 0.0682 ETH -- > 3.273  ETH

If you ask me that is some serious change! The community responded and has been pouring in liquidity! That is all for today, just a quick update. If you poured in liqutiy what are your profits? Is it worth it? What do you think? Feel free to answer below in the comment section. Also, all images are from the Uniswap XYO-ETH page found here,

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