fcf2645d10d9e78ca6e4450975600e31.gif has an enormous effect on me. Since I started to scrutinize this new platform, most of my time is depleted and too focused on this one. Who wouldn't be if your first day earning is $7+ right? (you can check my previous article if you want some proof, I'm too lazy to insert the link here.) And the interaction between the new users is tremendous. Furthermore, the development of this platform is very prompt. I must say that 'twas undoubtedly unexpected, my first day on noise. cash is indeed amazing and even if that's not the case every time still, I do enjoy staying there.

If you are curious about how extensive the time I spend on noise. cash, you wouldn't believe if I say 24/7 because it's not, but merely close to it.

By posting quotes to inspirational and motivational, sometimes memes and lazy days rants, or just random thoughts when midnight comes. Having this site is like the new version of every other social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, although you can't upload videos at least you can still share the links of it. Having this account you can also get huge viewers to your articles herein or in any blogging platform by promoting it through the use of your account since most the users are also part of a blogging platform and support the bitcoin cash and any cryptocurrencies.

How can you explain that you are one of those people who hooked on this microblogging platform? Here's my explanation about myself with regard to that topic.

First of all, my earnings. Simply, because you don't need to write a full article to get a huge upvote, just post something unique and original content that you might think the other users will surely like it so you can get a tip from them such as photography,

experiences, learnings, your hobbies and of course the good interaction with them. You may try to join their mini-games or giveaway events and build camaraderie in the community.

Secondly, family. Because of the I found another family and friends that whenever I think that life is tough and unreasonable, they will surely rave me up and motivate me to continue fighting for my goals and see the true purpose of myself. It is not that hard for me since most of them are also my friends, mentor, and inspiration on They reassure me in my hard times.

It also has disadvantages for me, like for example when I woke up, I need to cook and prepare for our breakfast but because of noise. cash I think I need to post something or leave/reply to a comment on their post before I begin to do my routines.

Procrastination. Even now, while writing this article, I did not forget to visit my noise account and check if the bell is turned into rosy red. I'm supposed to cook for lunch but yeah forget it, I will do it later and let me post something on noise and finish this article before I start.

Whatever the reason is, still, is an indisputably amazing microblogging platform and I love it. is my first love since I was able to express myself here whenever I want to in an exceptionally well but I can't hide the fact that also leaves a very remarkable moment that I won't be able to forget. is really fun. You just have to post and interact then you will earn BCH! and yes, your time is not wasted.

Yesterday, when I was reading some funny stories and memes, they thought that I was chatting with someone but when they checked it, it's just a meme on hahaha.

Because of, I can't complete my 8-10 hours of sleep.

Because of, I'm trying hard to become a photographer😸

Because of, I can bypass lunch and dinner.

Because of, instead of cooking, I'm posting.

Before cleaning the house, I will post something.

Because of, I can share my rants without posting them on Twitter 😹

Because of the, taking a bath every day is not necessary🙊

Because of, I can avoid toxic people.

Because of noise, I can freely express myself without judgmental people.

Because of, I found another family.

Because of, I feel motivated and inspire💖

Because of, I gained more knowledge about Bitcoin cash.

And last but not least, because of this microblogging platform, I earned real money that will help me, particularly in my online class.

YES! That's addiction. You can also visit my account there and be one of my virtual friends 🤭👇

Do you have your reasons why? Share your thoughts.

Author's note

Thank you for reading, God bless!



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Poetry, Experiences and Writings

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