The rising digital TCG Gods Unchained, why you should start playing this Hearthstone alternative before October 29th
The rising digital TCG Gods Unchained, why you should start playing this Hearthstone alternative before October 29th

By John Steel | CardCritical | 17 Oct 2019

You may of heard a lot about Blizzard banning the professional Hearthstone player, Ng Wai Chung (aka Blitzchung) after he voiced his opinions on Hong Kong protesters. Not only was Chung banned, but Blizzard also kicked him out of the Grandmasters rank, eliminating all his winnings in the process.

Fortunately for him, Gods Unchained, the digital trading card game where you can trade cards you purchase or earn for real-world currency, stepped in to support him with the following tweet:

@Blizzard_Ent just banned @blitzchungHS and stripped his Hearthstone winnings because they care about money more than freedom. We will pay for ALL his lost winnings and a ticket to our $500k tournament: no player should be punished for their beliefs. #freegaming

Gods Unchained gave Chung a second chance by repaying all of his rightfully earned winnings from competitions that blizzard decided to take away for showing support to Hong Kong. This act along with the community showed amazing support for him and empathize that Gods Unchained is being driven by ethical individuals, unlike hearthstone.


Still example of a diamond legendary card (1 of 5).

The fundamentals behind this free to play digital TCG is truly unique as its based on the cryptocurrency ethereum network, allowing complete and total ownership over the cards you earn or purchase. This allows players and collectors to trade cards for real-world currency or other cards freely. A true breath of fresh air in the stale digital TCG-Industry. The feeling of having true ownership of my cards brings me back to the days of my childhood card games, experiencing the thrill of opening packs of cards that you truly own thanks to GodsUnchained.

As a result with Gods Unchained, by buying cards/packs you will not lose all your money in exchange for the permission to use the digital cards in a game. You become the owner of the cards and as a result can trade them with whomever you want, for a price that someone is willing to pay. Hence with Gods Unchained, buying cards is more of an investment than an expense. There are 380 cards in the first genesis set, with 4 rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) and also 3 different levels of shines/foils, Shadow, Gold, and Diamond.

So why get a head start now? The first edition "Genesis" card packs are only on sale until the 29th of October 2019, after which they'll NEVER be purchasable as packs again. There may well be black lotus style once in a lifetime cards currently available! There is also the option to purchase genesis chests containing 6 genesis booster packs which can be held onto and traded freely after the 29th. Tradable, sealed packs (or chests in this case) was the most heavily requested features for as long as the game has been around and now the developers of Gods Unchained have delivered! To compare, sealed packs in Magic The Gathering garner huge collector interest to this day.

As you can imagine with 380 cards in total of this set, the combined scarcity and demand of some cards could go through the roof depending on how the meta develops!


As of 17th Oct 2019.

Alongside this, as you play and level up you will unlock core cards and will earn tokens to the Genesis raffle. Each token gives you another entry into the Genesis Raffle. Win rare, tradable items, including a Mythic Card which is fully unique and only one exists of. The last mythic card which was auctioned off went for over $60000! If you are not interested in the raffle then it is possible to sell these tokens for ethereum.

Aside from the clear investment-aspect of the game I have really enjoyed playing it for the past two weeks and have great confidence in its future due to the strong community, everyone is happy to help new players. I felt like a valued community member even when I first started despite not knowing anything. There is also a championship on the roadmap with an $500000 plus prize pool!

I recommend giving the game a try and seeing if it is for you. Especially If you have enjoyed Hearthstone in the past, I can not recommend this game enough as an alternative. Anyone who loves card games and isn't agreeing with the avenue other card games on the market are taking (looking at you hearthstone) will fall in love with GodsUnchained.

If you want to check out the game yourself you will need a beta code, please use my beta-code linked throughout this article to register. It is much appreciated!

If you need some additional information to the cards, gods, abilities and game-modes available, the developers themselves have a great guide for new players here.

Already have an account and enjoyed this rundown? Click this link and I'll get a bit back from your card purchase at no extra cost to say thanks. 

See you on the field! Happy collecting!

John Steel
John Steel

An investigator into the world of Cryptocurrency based gaming.


An investigation into the world of Cryptocurrency based gaming.

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