Cardano Coming to Celsius Network Q2 2021

By Plue | Cardano News | 5 Jan 2021

Celsius plans on adding support for Cardano by Q2 of this year! Some key takeaways from the AMA:


  • Celsius is considering to port over part or all of the ERC-20 tokens to avoid high network fees. It is in talk right now, nothing concrete yet.
  • You will be able to earn the staking reward PLUS extra if Celsius can loan out and create yield with Cardano.
  • It's likely that Celsius will leverage the KEVM testnet first.
  • There will be another AMA announcing the launch of ADA on Celsius, so stay tuned!


At the time of writing this, Cardano shot up to around $0.26 following the AMA. Congratulations to all the holders of Cardano for believing in Charles's vision.

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Cardano News
Cardano News

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