CannaBasics #4: What are Cannabis Concentrates?

By Bologna | CannaBasics | 20 Feb 2021

Concentrates come a wide variety and are often one of the most daunting forms of cannabis, both to consume and to learn about. Simply speaking, concentrates are what the name implies, concentrated forms of cannabis. Most are created by separating THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis. Here are a few of the most common forms of concentrates.



Kief is one of the most common cannabis extracts, with it just being the THC and other cannabinoids on the outside of the bud that has fallen off or been taken off. Anyone with a grinder knows what kief is, with it being the yellow-green dust in the bottom chamber of the grinder. Kief is usually obtained by being sieved through a fine screen. Kief is often consumed just by smoking it with ground cannabis. Kief does completely vaporize at a temperature lower than regular cannabis and lower than a regular lighter, so it is recommended to put kief beneath the ground cannabis when smoking in order to not destroy the kief. Kief can also be used as an ingredient in edibles.            


Hash is very similar to kief, being kief that has been subjected to pressure and heat. Pressure and heat causes the kief to melt together in to hash. Because of its density, hash is often more potent than kief. Hash is usually a light brown color, but can vary widely. Hash is often smoked with ground cannabis or on its own. Hash can also be vaporized or cooked in a fatty substance, like butter, in order to make edibles.     b16d40_0f933ed88f5f453a9efcda87457501ea~mv2.webp        


Wax is a highly potent cannabis extract that takes on many different forms, with each having a different production process. Wax often comes in a light yellow to golden color. Wax is most commonly consumed through the use of a vaporizer or a dab rig. Wax can also be smoked alongside ground cannabis. Like hash and kief, wax can also be used to make cannabis edibles. nsplsh_8e9ffcc1bde54e26b9bc8ef4df01a8cb~mv2.webp          

Are there any concentrates we missed you'd like us to cover? What's your favorite concentrate?


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