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By can-amcitizen | can-am citizen | 22 Jul 2021

Hi, I am back today because today is a good example of how love will over take any situation if you use love to guide yourself. I got up  late this morning at around 9 am . I shaved my head as usual, then I left to get groceries. My wife has the weaken immune system, so each time I go out there are certain things I must do. So I got to the first grocery store and I have to get out my copper lining for my mask. Put it on, then I glove up. I try to stay 6 feet away from people so sometimes I wait until the row is clear before I go into it. Then when I get back into the car I wipe my exposed skin down with a bacterial wipe. I go onto the next store. There is usually 3 in total. I then do it all over again 2 more times. Then when I get home, I take out all the groceries and I put then into the fridge in the garage or storage container for 3 days so that we make sure that the virus is dead on it before we eat or drink it. Then because my wife has multiple chemical sensitivity, I also put everything into clear  baggies or cover the carton, box, container, or spray bacterial spray on it, then put it also into baggies. I proceed to then spay down all the places the groceries touched in the car. Once inside my house I then pull out my keys, wallet, cell phone and spray them down with bacterial spray. And my A.D.D was high also today because I had all that stimulus from being around a lot of people, it always shoots it up about 1000 times more then normal. I then  put my clothes into the washer, then I take a shower making sure I wash ever part of me for at least 30 seconds each. Then  I put on my indoor only clothes . Well today when I got home my wife asked me to please also spray the inside of my wallet and I snapped back at her saying I didn't need to do that, then I told her she was aggressive with me and that we should not interact too much today. She took that as I did not care if she got covid and could die from it, she already has abandonment issues from her past. I was wrong and I should have not responded to her that way. Sometimes all of it is just a lot to deal with , especially right now after surprisingly losing my sister.  So after about 20 minutes , I got on my computer and sent her an ecard saying sorry and I also went and said sorry to her in person. When you look at any given situation from a loving and compassionate position, you can anyways get through them. My wife and I are both in therapy for our issues. I wanted to share this today people today always take everything for granted and just don't realize it or care enough to do something about it. My wife and I have been together for 21 years now, it has not been easy at times at all. If you love someone you grow and change for yourself and them so that you both can have better lives. The first 15 years I did not want to do that but she still stayed and loved me unconditionally anyways, I am very blessed. Now she could has refused my sorry and just stayed unset with me and she didn't. She is an amazing women. So my lesson to you all today is , just love each other, be understanding and compassionate to each other. Everything else will just come or be easier for you in this life if you do that I think. So love, live and be free. I leave with I am blessed that me or my wife has not gotten covid and we both are thankful for that. Thanks again for reading and may your day be happy. 

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I am a 51 year man in a 20 year interracial relationship. So I have had my eyes opened for me with humanity. Nothing surprises me anymore.

can-am citizen
can-am citizen

writing about my interracial marriage, my A.D.D and life's challenges.

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