ByteDex Hybrid Exchange Wallet Officially On Play Store

By BellBlogs | ByteDex | 30 Jul 2021

The ByteDex project has just launched it's wallet on Google Play, marking it's official release on a major app platform. The IOS version is soon to follow. 


To learn more about ByteDex's ecosystem, read the previous articles here, but a quick explanation of the ByteDex team's unique project is the creation of a hybrid exchange for cryptocurrency that has a central authority that exists to facilitate rather than control. We at ByteDex believe in blockchain technology, asset ownership directly in a trading user's hands, and in the ushering in of a whole new era in trading by bridging the gap between DeFi and CEX liquidity solutions. No hidden fees. No holding of your private keys. Trading securely, privately and conveniently.


ByteW is a secure and robust multi chain cryptocurrency storage wallet that bridges Defi and CEX liquidity through a connection to the ByteDex ecosysyem.




Here's a QR Code to download the app on Android that will lead you straight to Google Play:



Screenshot Image

Most of all we at ByteDex believe in community. And we invite you to join our community and actively engage with us via social media. We would be nothing without our users, and with them, we have discovered endless possibilities.

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ByteDex is a decentralized exchange with a central management based mainly on a double tier blockchain structure. ByteDex develops its own blockchain system in partnership with members abroad. Follow us for updates and information regarding ByteDex.

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