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By BellBlogs | ByteDex | 6 Sep 2021


From it's pre-listing phase to it's cross-chain destiny, BEXT, formerly known as BYTEDEX, has changed and evolved in multiple ways.

Bridging centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges, ByteDex is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that allows users all of the liquidity and transparent fees of CEXs with the asset ownership and on-chain transacting of DEXs. Welcome to the future.

ByteDex tokens were initially sent out as TRC - 10 tokens on the Tron network, making them easy to track, fee free to send and simple to use.


Since the token, at the time, was yet to be listed, this TRC-10 phase made for a good stand in for what was to come. The only people using the original BYTEDEX TRC-10 tokens were those sending it, and TRC-10 tokens are fee free to send.



TRC - 20 Tokens are also on the Tron blockchain, but are more versatile in their potential applications and thus the initial TRC - 10 BYTEDEX holders' wallets were easy to track[being on the same blockchain] and all BYTEDEX holders received the new BEXT TRC-20 versions directly into their wallets once this change was made.

BEXT has since come a long way. Token holders can now swap between BSC, Tron, and ETH networks, with a BEP20 and ERC20 variant available on centralized exchanges listing the token.

Now that BEXT has hit the market it is trading on a multitude of CEXs and DEXs in 3 different formats. The coin has indeed come a long way, and the ambitious project's ongoing feature upgrades, releases and plans will see it go exponentially further.

If nothing else, no one can say that ByteDex isn't hard at work rolling out it's ambitious roadmap, and it's still early enough to ride the wave.

ByteDex's native wallet, which can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android is highly recommended for full functionality of the token. Click the link or scan the QR code to download ByteW now, a secure and robust multi-coin wallet with features unique to the ByteDex Project.


Stay tuned and learn more about the ByteDex Project by visiting, or engaging with the team and community via the social media image links below. The ByteDex team is helpful, hard working and international. The fastest way to learn more is to engage with their telegram group.



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Community is what fuels us here at ByteDex, and we welcome you to our vision of the future of crypto trading.

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