Tweaking to a lifestyle that is less environmentally harmful one step at a time

Tweaking to a lifestyle that is less environmentally harmful one step at a time


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Last 5-6 years, I have encountered alternatives to products one can use that don’t harm our environment. Sustainability to me means a lifestyle that is environment friendly, in short the way of living that causes least damage to the environment. However, sustainability is way deeper.

Most of the products popularised and readily available in our market, are generally environmentally harmful, designed for human convenience without care for the environment.

 Bamboo Toothbrush that does not harm the environment unlike disposable plastic toothbrushes

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Take for instance the toothbrush. For most of my life, without thought I was using a plastic toothbrush that needs to be disposed of every three months, to be replaced by another new plastic toothbrush.

However, Bamboo toothbrushes are available out there(they are costlier but more environment friendly, as they are plastic free).

bamboo toothbrush, environment, sustainability

 We must reduce our plastic footprint as much as possible!!

We all should know by now, that eliminating plastic waste is a good practice, as this material when thrown percolates to land, soil, water bodies and pollutes them, suffocating lives while they are non-biodegradable materials.

This means, plastics accumulate and cause build up of landfills filled with waste while stray dogs, cows, marine fishes in water bodies consume pieces of plastic which is bad for their health and indirectly to us too, as we consume stuff like fish and milk. These may contain poisonous chemicals from plastics, which can lead to problems in us like cancer.

There are alternatives to plastic materials we use, even in things like a pen as I have seen pens made from paper, jute, that are plastic free.


eco-friendly stationary

My future articles will delve into more such sustainable products that can substitute the products we use that are not environmentally friendly. See you all in my next article!!

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