Step in and experience fun times with these active and free spirited doggies

Step in and experience fun times with these active and free spirited doggies



 Doggies free to be their wild selves in this park

I do get a glimpse of the doggies world in the mornings, as the park I go to exercise have dogs either resting there or are simpily hanging around.

Some are regulars and many others are loiterers that I see once a while. It turns out, the open park is also used as a playing field by these dogs, that’s why I guess at that time I am completely in the world of these dogs.

Now, let me welcome you to their world… as they run and come towards me here…

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Doggies that are fond of something tasty to chew in addition to pet massages

Dogs keep busy with their fight and chase sessions!!



Well… One such day, the park had a pack of dogs, many of which I had never seen then.

Just look at the diversity and the different colors of these 4 here…



There happened to be many dogs that I never know, expecting chew stick treat. It’s interesting that there are huge dogs like this one, Max, who despite his big size expected me to not be scared of him and even warm up to pet him.



He is like a cat rubbing himself on my legs, and first time I encountered him, it was weird as he curled himself and rubbed on my legs.

Ofcourse, now I know him enough to trust him to be a nice, friendly dog to me atleast, in spite his big size!!

Most times, these dogs run, and fight with each other and bark but after they are finished they can be quite and peaceful.

I guess, they are eating chew stick taking a break from their vigorous fighting here, I don’t really remember.

Free spirited Votka, that walks along with me as if he is my dog at times


In these last few months dog Votka has become very friendly with me and there was a time not very long ago, I did not know him atall.

I was surprised, when I saw this photo for instance and realised that the long shaped dog on the plant platform seat is Votka.


At that time when I took that photo, I had not known him, which is why I was ignored by Votka, who did not even bother to turn.

Now, if he sees me, he would run and pounce to nudge me by his legs to notice him.



At that time, believe it or not, I was scared to get very close to photo that dog. I had an instinct of fear that it may mind my presence. However, now I know Votka well enough that I don’t mind him nudging me with his paws.

He had accompanied me to the pet store to get chew sticks for him once. He was very well behaved that time, and we walked back to the park so he along with his buddies(that day Batman and Racal) can enjoy the chew stick treat.

1*-DoipbXZUVB4kGAIHvlxVA.jpeg Dog Batman and dog Rascal

The Animal song suits this video of Dog Votka having a field time with his messy play session



Votka, loves doing runs and does not mind getting himself muddy, digging sapling pits filled with water and making the ground messy.

A happy, active, free dog. That day, Votka, reminded me of ‘ Animal song’ from Savage Garden -:

Just these lyrics -
’Cause I want to live like animals
Careless and free like animals
I want to live
I want to run through the jungle with 
The wind in my hair and the sand at my feet’

I don’t think that Savage Garden knows much about the animal world since that video song shows just himself and humans, but even so, when I saw Votka digging sapling sand pits and playing around, running his style, those lyrics made a lot of sense.

I have seen, these dogs get thirsty, and in summer as it’s now, there’s no water around, so that day when abundant water was there in the sapling pits, dog Votka quenched his thirst before digging off those sapling pits holding water.

Hmmm… These sapling pits make a pond of water for these dogs. Two birds with one stone, with that pit of water nourishing both plant and dog…



 No more are they stray dogs, as they have become area’s community dogs

At times like this, it seemed these free dogs live a good life with water, enough freedom to play and wrestle among themselves and opportunity to share some love with humans including me at times.

Ofcourse, that’s because they have a group of humans who ensure they are adapted to stay peacefully in the area. The area volunteers, who monitor and vaccinate and help the local authorities capture and nueter these strays, making them community dogs. It’s almost like they belong here now, which is why these dogs turn community dogs from stray dogs.

I end this post with a video showing dog Rascal and Votka, having a nice time chewing their chew stick, with delightful nature sounds on the background playing along with the sound of refreshing flowing water!!

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Doggies that are fond of something tasty to chew in addition to pet massages

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