Some Hive Blogs acquire unwanted tails but this Blog shows you tails of cats

Some Hive Blogs acquire unwanted tails but this Blog shows you tails of cats


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 Crypto cats we are at times in my Mom’s crypto Blogs(:

Hello, guys, it’s Caturday so my Mom has brewed this cat post to celebrate Caturday. She expects me to be hardworking like her or what I wonder, for I mostly sleep around, but she loves to sprinkle cats around her crypto articles not that I mind.

cat, pet, photo, life

She has made me a Bitcoin cat(one with a heart of BTC) , making me a cat who’s not a mere ordinary ginger cat...hee… hee..

crypto, cat, writing, petI am the cat with the heart of Bitcoin in my Mom's cat crypto blogs
(Taken from

Hive posts of @Project-Hope community these days get unwanted downvote tails

blog, crypto, hive, blockchain

Downvotes on my blog posted on @Project-hope community check it out here -


However, of late her posts have an invisible tail, and I hope this post gets nothing more than appreciation for our beautiful cat tails.

cat, pet, photography


What I mean is her posts in @project.hope community have all got subjugated to downvotes, so I say her @project.hope posts all have an unwanted downvote tail and mind you it’s very long because a downvote trail is attached to those mighty downvotes, ouch!! .

hive, blockchain

Long Downvote tail attached with downvote trail of the concerned Hive whale here

*Note - A Downvote trail is where Hive users have registered to downvote posts automatically that are downvoted by a HIVE account.

 Downvote tail acquired as a punishment for supporting @project.hope community

hive, blockchain, project.hope


One group that we won’t name here is bent on destroying the @project.hope community by downvoting its author members all because we set 50% beneficiary to @project.hope .

Since 2 weeks all her posts are fetching low payouts because my Mom still supports the community by posting in it, fearlessly setting 50% beneficiary to @Project.Hope who she knows uses the funds to reward back the authors and support their small Venezulean team who curate blogs there, besides helping many members of the community who are facing genuine financial turmoil.

Mom’s a @Project-Hope supporter for it’s given her hope and direction

cat, pet, photo, life


My Mom has been supported by the @Project.Hope community as her blogs on economy, ecology, crypto, finance all got more readership and recognition there. This gave her motivation to study and write on cryptos, finance and work on improving her writing. All of this eventually led her to become a confident writer that she is today, who works hard to create a quality write up that’s deserving to get the recognition of being a good quality article.

Unfortunate Hive posts that go down pulled down by the downvote gravity of Hive whales

cat, pet, photo, lifeSleepy Cat Garu, no worries about Hive special downvote tails for sure!!

This really got me thinking of whales, they are friendly creatures right?, I mean the real whales of the Ocean, some Hive whales are an insult to this intrinsic nature of a good whale, as there are hateful downvote whales around in Hive. Downvote abuse is my Mom’s big concern in Hive and everyone fears not to attract the ire of a whale. My Mom knows how it feels, but if you believe in a community, you keep supporting it so My Mom feels.

Cat Tail of Meow, the free spirited outdoor cat

cat, pet, nature, photographyCat Meow on a bright sunny morning

Getting back on the subject of cat tails, here is cat Meow in a bright morning with her tail throwing a shadow there. My Mom loves to show the surroundings of our flat compound with cat Meow featured there, as is true to calico cat Meow’s nature who is a free spirited outdoor cat.

cat, pet, nature, photo, animal
Outdoor free spirited cat Meow

Touge love of cats is mostly reserved for cats though sometimes hoomans receive our love

cat, pet, nature, photo, animal

Anyway, if I could I would lend my consoling touge to my MOm, but I know my limits, cat licks are a cat’s way of showing love and support to cats mostly, however, Mochu licks my Mom’s leg sometimes, when she mistakenly stretches her legs and her feet touches soft Mochu who will be sleeping on the lower partition of the table. He does not mind being a soft carpet for Mom to lightly keep her feet messaging him.

I guess she’s also a cat in a way as we consider her as our family, even if she is a hooman and we love her. I know she adorns us too a lot.

Cat Mochu has a singing talent!!

cat, pet, photo, life


Now I am going to reward dear Mochu for showcasing my tail here so well, he gets to use me as a pillow to lay his nice soft white head.

cat, pet, nature, photo, animal
He has something to show you readers. He says he has sung a song and wants to know if anyone can feature him in a movie or something, silly fellow. Here is the video of singing cat Mochu, there is no doubt he is a very communicative and talkative cat



Here’s the lyrics of the silly song which my Mom composed in her mother tongue(tamil) copying tune of some old movie song.

Mintymile - “I went to see Mochu”
Mochu - “vaaa”
MIntymile - “ I came back with it’s bite”
Mochu - “vaaa”
Mintymile - “By hearing all it’s shoutings”
Mochu - “vaaa”
MIntymile - “my sleep is all but gone”

Right, I guess my Mom can’t ever forget that Mochu bite got 2 years ago when she tried to hold him to receive his cat vaccine jab.

The tune of the following song is taken from this original movie song -

Ending the post with a white tail for let us live in peaceful existence spirit!!

cat, pet, animal, photo

Now Mochu feels it’s not fair to end this post without showcasing his white tail, so here is Mochu’s tail and it’s a white flag of peace and love for creatures both with and without tails and hopefully good posts in Hive don’t get undeserving downvote tails and genuine communities like @project.hope don’t get these downvote punches and kicks imposed by Hive whales as if they are some kind of protectors of Hive or God or something. Ouch!!

cat, pet, animal, photo

Happy Caturday!!

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