NFTs can empower journalism to stay independent, free from Government's Coercion

NFTs can empower journalism to stay independent, free from Government's Coercion


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These days, talented artists thanks to NFTs can sell their artwork as NFTs, and if they are lucky finding rich customers they can make fortures.
However, NFTS can be used in several beneficial ways and in this article I will talk about Ukraine using NFTs for preserving the true history of events on the entire episode of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.


 NFTs maybe the answer on how print media can empower themselves to stay independent


This gives us ideas of how independent journalism can still exist in a world where Governments are manipulating mainstream news, so truth is suppressed while misinformation and Government’s propaganda messages that are heavily promoted, reach the reading public.

Preserving true factual events of Russia’s war on Ukraine in NFTs


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Check out the Meta History Meseum of War NFTs at their website -

Ukraine has created the Meta History Museum of War web platform which has NFT collections, that are news pieces narrated through illustrations by Ukrainian and international artists. They are arranged in chronological order.

The idea of this is that the correct information is recorded about the events of the Russia - Ukraine war which will be history tomorrow. Obviously, as these NFTs will be stored in Blockchain, it’s immutable and will exist to be viewed by the public forever.

 Sale of these NFTs raise funds for funding Ukraine’s army and helping civilians


Also, sale of these NFTs generate funds that would go into the crypto accounts of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, to be used to strengthen the Ukrainian army and provide relief to the Ukrainian Citizens.

You can checkout the Meta History Museum of war web platform here -


So, NFTs can be used to preserve news event pieces in Blockchain, while their sales can be used for fundraising.


 Print Media journals can raise funds from their readers by selling news as NFT subscriptions



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Print Media has to find novel ways to continue to be supported and funded by its reader community alone to be free from Government’s coercion


 Indian Government has made it difficult for independent journals to obtain funding


An independent journalistic publication publishes factual news without being afraid of being critical of Government policies, measures etc.

For this, the journalistic entity should not be under the control and influence of the Government. This means, the journalistic entity should not be funded by the Government but by their loyal following of readers.

This is similar to the decentralized ethos of crypto, where everything is community managed.

The problem for these journalistic entities, is that as they freely publish content that critiques the Government, they have attracted the powerful ire of the Indian Government and such journalists are arrested, or arrest charge sheets are filed against them. Therefore, the few independent news publication entities that exist in India today are always under severe pressure.

The Government can make it very difficult for journalistic entities to receive funding by readers as they control the country's banking and payment systems. For instance, who knows payment gateways can be blocked as it was done by the Government of Canada in the Freedom Convoy protests.

So, such news publications can make use of NFTs where they can sell their news piece as NFT subscriptions and get funds to sustain their operations. It’s just an idea. Anyway, will talk exclusively about independent journalism in another article


No option of donating to independent journals anonymously - No Privacy



I care about independent journalism, which is why I contributed funds to two news publications I read - the Wire and scroll.

When I contributed, I had to provide all my details including my pan card number, so it was inconvenient, as there was no option for maintaining our privacy. This is probably because these journalistic entities want to be careful, as the Government may take action on them saying their funding sources are obscure, never mind how obscure Government’s accounts are!!

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Support Us page of the Wire. Supporters who want to contribute can't contribute anonymously!!


This is why this story of how Ukraine has used NFTs to store the correct news and fundraise, interested me. I am sure those NFTs can be brought more anonymously.

Thank you for reading!!

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