My poetic expressions - The fresh charms for morning walkers around my flat surroundings

My poetic expressions - The fresh charms for morning walkers around my flat surroundings

nature, greenery, mornings

Photo credits Greenchic
Temple under this giant beautiful tree that’s shading the sun lighted landscape so elegantly

This poem is inspired by the beautiful campus surroundings of my flat, whose refreshing essence I experience daily in my morning recreation times where I walk or sometimes exercise doing  stretches.

There's some green about in the surroundings with trees, plants about.

nature, greenery, mornings, environment

Photo credits Greenchic
A closer view of the giant tree that’s crowned with numerous delightful and intricate tree elements



Silly entertainment accompanies my times here with birds, squirrels, cats and sometimes monkeys here.

nature, greenery, mornings, environment, monkey

Photo credits Greenchic

Monkey wins over free bananas from the vegetable vendor whose vegetables it tried stealing. My favorite walking area is visible at the back, front of the compound wall.

Morning pleasantries include hearty greetings from other walkers.

My poem is dedicated to all of these walkers, who I hope also like me rejoice their mornings immersed in experiencing the wondrous elements of nature.

nature, greenery, mornings, environment,cat

Photo credits Greenchic
My flat Calico cat Meow under the shade of the giant tree, on the floor of fallen leaves, sitting just on the edge of the tree’s shade. She is looking out towards the sun shine lighted area unfolding front of her.


 Morning cheers - Poem for Nature rejoicing Morning walkers


Evergreen charmed morning walks with elegant rhythms of Nature to appreciate.
Sparks of pleasantness only glowing with goodwill greeting fellow known souls in the morning hours.

Bright start to the day, bright start to the day, are these ringing of cheer bells everyday.

Nothing like the bloom of all green and flower colourful, nurtured by thoughtful plant and garden enthusiasts.

And then behold for Nature's magic unfolds with nature's melodies uniting into a symphony that softly echoes and flows around; igniting a freshness around for everyone to soak in.


I hope you all understood my morning joys all powered by Nature’s elements to make my day begin in a very blessed way.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!!


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