Meme cryptos to have their own market place in the crypto world soon

Meme cryptos to have their own market place in the crypto world soon


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 Cryptos can be funny, it’s not that they are always serious stuff!!

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Well, people like me think crypto investing is a serious business, it’s for us to be in for cold hearted profits but no, cryptos have entertainment value which makes it very cool.

Ha… so for those like me who thought Doge coin won’t survive, we may need to rethink, because that coin is the God Doggy of meme coins, just like Bitcoin is the undisputed king in cryptocurrencies and is here to stay even though there are other cryptos have more use cases than Bitcoin, which is now perceived by people to be Digital Gold.

 Understanding crypto phenomenons like NFT is not straight forward


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Even than these days, crypto variety coins like NFT have a lot of value because of its perceived intrinsic uniqueness due to digital ownership of something of value like art piece and song...

All cool but this NFT craze got me dizzy, after all I can understand crypto that’s straight but not a crypto variety coin like a NFT that inherits value of something due to its abstract qualities .

Anyway... I am sure this is a very shallow perception because NFTs do have lots of concrete valuable use cases because of the ownership of digital rights concept.

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An NFT can be the proof that someone owns rights to a real estate property, art work, song etc which is all cool.

However, for me. NFTs lost appeal because of people simply just crazily purchasing ART NFTs and making ridiculous amounts of money selling it. This NFT craze did not resonate with me and I feel that the NFT market has to evolve and develop more for me to get involved in a way that I find real value (usefulness) of owning a NFT.

 Meme cryptos are going to have a home for themselves soon!!


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Now, coming back to Meme coins as conveyed earlier they are here to stay and more new generations of Meme coins would sprout up catching the imagination, hearts and investments of people. I have come to this conclusion because a marketplace for meme cryptos and NFTs is going to come to life on the platform.

meme, art, cryptoFrom tweeter of

Here, crypto meme enthusiasts can track the value of meme coins based on trends. So, it’s definitely a useful platform for Meme crypto investors.









 Well know Blockchain business based investors funding

What caught my attention here is that the co-founder of Polygon (Matic), Sandeep Nailwal is one of the Blockchain investors here for this platform besides other well known investors.

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Twitter of meme

Till now, I have been a big admirer of Sandeep for creating India’s Covid Crypto Relief Fund , of which I have written about here.

This Crypto Covid Relief Fund nicknamed CRF has helped verified NGOs and hospitals get oxygen supplies, medical equipment, food ration kits etc through the crypto donation the fund received, that’s transparent and audited.

So, I wondered about this investment of Sandeep on, perhaps there is sound business logic on his investment because Meme coins are a trend and a marketplace for meme coins maybe a great business to be in.

Definitely will be a cool place for crypto meme enthusiasts!!

Right. One can learn more about platform here, right now it’s not fully ignited. Doge and Shib are definitely going to be there at this platform, with those meme coins having a lot of fans.

New meme coins can be minted as well, which should be fascinating for meme crypto enthusiasts and help out meme crypto investors who can spot Meme coin trends and make a lot of money through meme coin investments.

 Meme cryptos are meme cryptos so people will always like them!!

Somewhere, this sounds odd to a crypto investor like me who is conservative and invests in cryptos of projects that have real use cases that are backed by sound fundamentals rather than because a crypto is a funny meme coin.

However, maybe Meme coins have their appeal and value because they are Meme coins, because Elon Musk says he prefers Doge over other Blockchain platforms that are scalable and have low transaction fees, because Doge is a meme coin and other cryptos are not Meme coins.

elon, cryptoElon Musk's tweet

My hair is just standing up in astonishment, it's a crazy crazy crypto world there!!

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My earlier post on India’s Covid Crypto Relief Fund (CRF) has a lot of interesting memes that would entertain you, so please check that out.

Happy Weekend everybody!!

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