Leo Finance can be that Social Media star that Threads or Twitter can never be!!

Leo Finance can be that Social Media star that Threads or Twitter can never be!!

The hype period of Twitter killing apps is on now !!

So, Meta stock went up by 3.94% on July 5th, Wednesday, the day Meta launched “twitter killer” app called Threads.

Tradingview chart

I am raising my eye brows here…

I know only about LeoFinance Threads, and I never actually thought of it as a Twitter killer app, correction dapp, because LeoFinance team did not market themselves that way.


This reminded me of the Blockchain projects that were launching during 2018 claiming quite aggressively that they are “Ethereum Killers”… now ofcourse we know Ethereum is here to stay.

Kill Twitter ?, that job is now easy, what’s the big deal? Source

Ofcourse, it’s no great achievement now branding one self as a twitter killer, because it looks to be that Elon Musk’s takeover itself killed much of twitter. So if any app or dapp manages to kill twitter by being a more viable alternative than that task is not going to be that hard right?

Ohh… we are heard of how Elon Musk has weakened Twitter with the initial chaos he created. Now I am actually very wary of checking twitter accounts since verified blue ticks can be brought by any account so fake twitter accounts have sprouted up…shrugs!!

Now, there are limits on how many posts users can read on twitter. Large number of companies displaying ads have exited twitter, so it’s lost out on earning ad revenues.

So, now it’s a window of opportunity for alternative platforms to sprout up and pluck away Twitter’s user base.

Threads advantage of being readily accessible to Instagram’s large user base


Anyway, Twitter has got Threads as a rival now!! The advantage here for Meta is that, the Brand that was once FB owns Instagram & instagram has a huge userbase of more than 2 billion active users who can very easily be brought to Threads.

Instagram users can sign up with their same Instagram credentials on Threads and follow the same accounts they have been following on Instagram. So, it’s effortless onboarding for them!!

So, one can be sure Threads would start off with a huge userbase by just bringing over Instagram users to Threads.

A huge userbase will make Threads an attractive platform for companies to advertise, thus a real possibility of Threads taking away Twitter’s ad clients.

Top famous Brands — HBO, NPR and Netflix have already opened their accounts on Threads when it launched.

What’s more is that since Threads App is on Apple and Google stores, it is very likely the app will catch some new users.

Threads way to succeed is just unacceptable to us Web3 users!! Source

Hmmm… Cool but not cool, I will explain why. Now as I write this, I am thinking, yeah investors were excited that Threads launched and it sure shot has a ready user base of billons from instagram and would earn huge advertising revenues but…

User data, user content will still be used by Threads for its benefit. The platform, opens doors for companies to get potential customers by exposing us to ads and giving our personal data to them, so they get leads and business.

So, users are products. I atleast see things from that frame of mind because I am a Web3 person and let’s face it Mark Zuckerberg; Facebook’s now Meta’s CEO is so experienced in the field of selling user data to companies and Governments & make profits!!

Our personal data along with loads of additional helpful data on our likes and interests will be collected and sold to Corporates and Governments so they are very equipped to target us with the aim of winning us as their customer or influence our actions!!

We all know this is how Web2 works…

Leo Finance is antithesis to Threads as a Web3 platform

So, Threads can be a Twitter killer app but it’s not going to bother Leo Threads, Leo Finance. Leo finance is ‘Everything app’ afterall, it will cater to twitter users, long format Bloggers, instagram users and more… it’s made to incentivize and reward users for posting engaging content. Now that’s what is cool!!

And do I need to talk about the obvious advantages (:

LeoFinance as a Hive Web3 platform benefits users, LEO stakers not just companies that are advertising in it. Sure, ads have come up in Leo Finance, but user data is not leaked to advertisers. Plus, all the revenues that the platform receives from ads will be used in buying Leo and distributing those Leo tokens to Leo Stakers.

Ad at LeoFinance Threads platform

So, we all benefit!!

What’s more, I am no youtube influencer, who is sponsored for talking about LeoFinance Platform now, However, it appears, Threads may sponsor popular youtubers to talk about their platform, use it and popularise it. Ok!!!

You see, the power of community, can you feel it, and see the contrast.

Real vs make do, web2 vs Web3, LeoFinance team vs Mark Zuckerberg and I am sure there is a lot more.

Now, tell me guys — it’s irrelevant right Threads playing to be Twitter killer? Yes, ofcourse, its entertaining. Musk vs Zuckerberg who were willing to fight on the ring are fighting Business style with Twitter vs Threads. Threads is super confident that it has everything to kill twitter.

The shining potential of Leo Finance, it’s a star we know it!!

Let’s leave it at that because Leo Finance is building and growing its way with Web3 advantages none of those platforms have. LeoFinance platform sure has most things Twitter has — users can post, reply and make thread storms & it will have much more features as it evolves.

So, we know the potential, no we don’t need to be a big polished investor to benefit from Leo Finance, we can just be an active user, making engaging content and being part of the community.

Many of us stake Leo and grow organically. We curate content and reward good authors, engaging content creators. We are a community that helps the growth of the platform, spreading the word and adding value to the platform.

So, that’s it, let’s see what the future will be in the social media space, what will happen to twitter and which social Media platform will take the lead, I vote for a decentralised Web3 Blockchain platform like Leo Finance to shine in the future, but you never know!!

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Check out LeoFinance microblogging platform here -

Although, LeoFinance is a Everything App, so you can post long format content here as well.

Besides, building LeoFinance Threads, the LeoFinance team had built DEFI applications for Hive and Leo Finance users to earn additional yield with their HIVE, LEO, HBD tokens.

Leofinance’s DEFI platform on Binance Smart Chain is Cub Defi —

Leofinance’s DEFI platform on Polygon is

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