Brave Indian women  activist asserts her right to support farmers' protest in India!!

Brave Indian women activist asserts her right to support farmers' protest in India!!


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The case of a young lady arrested for supporting the farmers’ protest in India

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In my recent article, I brought out the case of a 22 year old lady, Disha Ravi arrested for editing a toolkit which was designed to guide others including the international community on ways they can support the ongoing farmers protests in India. This news shocked me of course, for Disha Ravi is from my City and spent most of her youthful college days campaigning for the environment spearheading the “Fridays For Future” movement, where college and school students campaign urging the Government to take action immediately against the imminent danger of climate change.


 It all started because of international celebrities tweeting in support of Indian farmers

All this arrest started due to tweets of some prominent international personalities expressing solidarity and supporting the farmers’ protests against the Government's three black laws , that seemed to be set on having big Corporates acquire power over farmers, so that Corporates benefit out of selling farmers produce with the likelihood of further impoverishment of farmers, who devoid of any protection from exploitation and without assurance that their produce would be purchased at a guaranteed fair price that is the Minimum Support Price(MSP).

The toolkit brought into notice by a tweet leading to the arrest of Disha Ravi

A particular tweet of Greta Thunberg which told all those who want to support the protesting farmers to refer to a toolkit which offers useful tips for interested groups to initiate their own campaigns in support of the protesting farmers, eventually led to Disha Ravi’s arrest.

 Government’s malice directed towards the creators of the toolkit

India’s Central Government had disliked this on pour of support the protesting farmers were winning from very prominent global celebrities and personalities, which is why they declared that they would take action against creators of the toolkit.

Charges were levied, of international conspiracy against the Government of India, in order to destabilise the Government and spread dissatisfaction among the Indian Citizens against the Government and of defaming India. So, somehow, Disha Ravi got linked as a party behind the creation of this toolkit, who was actively involved in sharing the toolkit to the world, lobbying in support of the protesting farmers and she got arrested just like that.

 Completely unconstitutional arrest of Disha Ravi on Feb 13th

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This news was disturbing at that point of time, because Disha was arrested by Delhi police by the command of the Central Government who took her away from her Bangalore residence, without informing the Government of her State of residence and the State police, who later confirmed they were not in support of the arrest and it was done without their knowledge and permission!! Disha was then flown to Delhi court unrepresented by any lawyer and sentenced to jail, ouch!!

 On pour of public support condemning the injustice administered to Disha Ravi

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Here ends all that part where it looked like Disha was in for big trouble, becoming a victim subject to harassment and torture by police authorities. However in the next day and other days after, there was the outpour of public support for Disha’s release and wind of aid was blowing her way.

In her own City, Bangalore, crowds protested for her release. A petition was made then shared and signed by thousands of people demanding release of Disha. Her college Management of Mount Carmel College , wrote an official letter to the Government, condemning Disha’s arrest. Women’s Rights Group in Delhi, criticized the Government on the injustice of Disha’s arrest, a young lady taken away just like that without following due process of law.

Disha Ravi’s brave fight in Court ridiculing the authorities for her arrest

So, Disha Ravi, got prepared to stand and fight for herself(: , she truly became what she is at heart, an activist, empowered by others in society who support her.

Sedition charges that implicate Disha as an enemy of the Nation is ABSURD!!

She appeared in court, now armed with a lawyer, Siddharth Agrawal, to defend her case and these were the statements, the young lady made in court.

 “If highlighting farmers’ protest globally is sedition, I am better [off] in jail.”

Ha...master stoke!! Sedition is a heavy charge, levied generally on terrorists or others inciting people to commit violence in order to overthrow Govt. authority. It is a severe charge and implicates a person to life imprisonment. Disha was brave enough to say that if she’s charged with sedition for merely supporting a farmers protest, it’s ridiculous and absurd and she’s not afraid to face jail.

If it’s an offence to support peaceful protests then Disha Ravi says she’s guilty of it!!

Bravo… she further acknowledges that she herself protested peacefully and spread the word for others to support the protesting farmers but in a tone that implied that she has a right to protest and she would do it anyway, even if she’s booked for sedition and gets locked in jail!!

 “If the offence is that I protested peacefully, I’m guilty! If the offence is that I advertised about this peaceful protest, I’m guilty. If this is the parameter, I am definitely guilty.”

She points out clearly the absurdity of the Central Government implicating her with serious charges for her act of supporting the farmers’ protest. She ridicules the authorities who have implicated her with a beautiful example too.

 “For instance, if there is yoga. And I prefer kung fu over yoga. Will I become a chinese spy? I’m not saying this. It’s in their FIR. We’re reducing the bar of someone having a different point of view.”

She has spelled it out that authorities are just punishing her for not supporting their point of view, PERIOD!!

This is the truth, and the conviction of this truth is powerful, she, Disha Ravi is not one to bow down to fear!! Take that Central Government and the Police puppets.

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 News on Feb 23rd that Disha Ravi is eligible to be released on bail!!

Right, so this was Disha Ravi’s statements in court. I will continue more on this, as it’s not finished, but I finish with good news that Disha Ravi has won the case to be out on bail for now, and I hope she is back at home now, although I have seen no news of this in the papers at least.

There is hope for a better tomorrow when we are together and stand up for each other

There is reason to be hopeful for a better tomorrow with youngsters like Disha Ravi, who are unafraid to stand up and demand the Government to implement good policies, and throw off the bad ones.

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And people like her get strength to protest, when we society support her, stand UP for her and are with her. It was heartening to see that she was supported by others - her college, women’s group, other activists and people like us who signed petitions and took part in protests condemning her arrest(:

Lastly Greta Thunberg too tweeted supporting the demand of releasing Disha Ravi from jail,

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Thank you Greta!! (:




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