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Did Binance Break Wax?

By BussTechno | BussTechno | 13 Apr 2021

Serious questions here:  Did TLM staking on the BSC break Wax?  Is it just my experience or are others having issues as well?

For over 24 hours I have not been able to validate transactions through the Wax wallet. I can login to Alien Worlds and mine, but cannot claim that sweet, sweet TLM.

Move over to WaxTycoon and again cannot confirm transactions.

Login to my wax wallet to claim my Wax staking rewards...Success.

Login to R-Planet to claim my aether for my staked NFTs... No dice.

You have one more chance Wax! Login to Atomic Market...


Well No shit!  I've been doing that the past two days.

In the past 24 hours alone Alien Worlds has seen an increase in miners of about 10,000 which is really taxing the system.


The increase in traffic started a week ago when it was released that TLM farming would begin on the BSC, and has come to an apex the last couple of days as the number of users has grown and traffic has exploded.  This is making it difficult for peeps like me that just want to blow off some steam, login, and nab my TLM every so often.

I think it is great that so many people have been introduced to a game I enjoy.  I think it is great that TLM is now a bonafide asset on BSC with a Market Cap of over 900M.  I just wish they would have given some forethought to the capabilities of the network.  

There are other competing activities as well, such as the YouTube ByBit shill, BitBoy, dropping an NFT package.  I actually don't mind the guy- he's pretty entertaining and has done a lot to introduce people to the cryptospace.   Good for him for seizing an opportunity and making a buck; just stop pushing Bybit on noobs that are gonna get wrecked.

Well this pretty much concludes my rant for the day.  I hope everyone else is having better luck than I have the past couple of days.  As always thank you bunches for reading and have a great week.


I love how my stock cover photo has a caption that states, "Sports fitness man hits tire with sledgehammer" as if you couldn't discern that.  Well at least you could before it was cropped.

UPDATE: Looks like they "Fixed the Glitch" but added a reCaptcha to every transaction.

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