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2022 Blockchain Games You Have to Play!

By BussTechno | BussTechno | 16 Dec 2021

It's been a minute since my last article here on Publish.  The crypto space moves fast and if you're not completely in tune with the market it is easy to miss great opportunities... as Ricky Bobby so eloquently stated in the classic 2006 film Talladega Nights, "If you ain't first, you're last".  While this is obviously a bad joke- there is some truth in that being early to a good project is the goal we are all trying to obtain.  Despite all of our individual altruistic platitudes, you dang well better believe each of us will dump our bags on one another to make profit or sell our children for a coveted white list spot.  Expect it in this space and play the game, because ultimately we all want to make it.

That being said, I come bearing Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice gifts... because I'm so altruistic.  For those lucky few that actually read my posts: on 23DEC2021, I'm going to send a total of 20 NFTs from my current WAX inventory to 5 lucky people (4 each) and a special surprise ($BYTES??) to one lucky winner for people that follow me here on Publish0x, follow @BussTechno on Twitter, and comment "I like $BYTES" with your Twitter handle in the comment section of Publish0x below.  All must be done or you won't qualify.  Also, please don't tip this post, save that for good content you find on here (it also doesn't help your chances because the selection will be random and I'll update this post with receipts).

Now down to the business end.  Here are a few projects I'm looking at or already building up my bag.  These aren't new and I've been talking about, writing, or tweeting about them for months.


Sidus- The City of Heroes: 

Chain: ETH

Ticker: SIDUS- in game token; SENATE- governance token

Synopsis: Sidus is a AAA upcoming blockchain game with P2E functionality that just released their tokens on 15DEC.  Their ETH NFTs were released in September 2021.  They currently have a working demo that gives a very slim idea of what this game will be capable of.  The demo graphics are good and the 3D renderings for the game are beautiful.  Alpha release date is January 2022.  Holding one of their 6000 Genesis NFTs gives special benefits including early game access and exclusive NFT airdrops.

disclosure: I own a genesis NFT and will be adding to my SENATE and SIDUS token bags when the FOMO dies down a bit.



Chain: Agnostic, ERC-20 token, NFTs on Cardano

Ticker: COPI on BSC/Pancake Swap

Synopsis: Open 3D world that offers P2E, Learn to Earn, and DeFi functionalities.  Your unique experience is dependent on the land you reside and which activities you participate in.  The token was released earlier this month and NFTs will be available soon.  All in game assets are created in-house and are amazing.  The team is doxxed and has dozens of years of development experience.  Look for a phased game release starting in 2022.

disclosure: I don't own any COPI yet....YET!  I will own all of the NFTs that I can get my hands on upon release and plan to buy copious amounts of $COPI.  Land is what to look for (wink wink).


Big Time:

Chain: Ethereum initially

Ticker: No game token and no released plans to incorporate atm

Synopsis: Big Time is a Free to Play, Play to Earn fast-action paced cooperative RPG.  Players travel through time and kill monsters, bosses, and complete dungeons for a chance to earn NFTs. You can sell your NFTs in their marketplace for fiat or crypto.  This game is set to Alpha release in January 2022 with mid-year full access.  Big Time is player focused and seems to be a true grind to succeed effort; they are clear in their intent not to have a pay to play atmosphere.

disclosure: I own one of their early access passes; available on OpenSea in 3 access tiers.


Phantom Galaxies:

Chain: Polygon

Ticker: Planned in-game/governance tokens and NFTs (Worlds/land will most likely be beneficial)

Synopsis: PG is a third-person action RPG shooter in which players pilot mechanized starfighters in an Open World space sim environment. Set to begin beta release in 3rd Quarter 2022, those with early access passes will get first dibs to start building your empire in Quarter 2.  Animoca has funded this project, so expect good things.

disclosure: I own two of their pre-game released NFTs.  They were free/airdropped simply by being involved in their project and discord.


Syn City:

Chain: ETH initially

Ticker: NFT on ETH; future token unknown but probable

Synopsis: Mafia themed guild based metaverse where your guild attempts to become the ruling class [criminals].  Not too much is known regarding the actual game/metaverse but looking at the investors and advisors I suggest you give this one a deep dive.  Currently there is the opportunity to earn a free Genesis NFT (3.5 ETH value) by deciphering a series of riddles that will be released on Twitter and Discord.

disclosure: I am vying for a Genesis NFT.


Neo Tokyo:

Chain: ETH

Ticker: BYTES

Synopsis: Although it's gamified- this isn't an actual game, however if you want to be at the forefront of blockchain gaming and have the liquidity I highly suggest you join NT as either a genesis Season 1 or second generation Season 2 holder.  Neo Tokyo is the premiere gaming network group; there are CEOs of major gaming studios, developers, creators, and tons of highly intelligent people.  The ROI on this project is immeasurable and I'm not talking just monetarily, however the $BYTES token claim alone averaged around $25K USD worth of value at the lowest tier.  Season 2 mint kicked off on 11DEC and saw an immediate 600% return on investment.  You can only get them on the secondary market now, but if you are serious then check it out.

disclosure: I own an S1, S2, and $BYTES

I will leave you with one last ecosystem that I am extremely bullish on.  Anything in the smolverse running on Arbitrum & $MAGIC is amazing imo.  It is gamified DeFi through cute stakeable NFTs that evolve the longer you remain staked.  Their ethos is to create a community and drop a ton of value for basically free.  They have a few projects that haven't minted yet and still have whitelist spots available, so I would be looking within the smolverse for opportunities.

disclosure: I own smolbrains, smolbodies, and am involved in a few other smolverse projects.

Now you aren't going to find any links in my post today, because if you want to look at one of the above projects I've listed I want you to find out about it on your own.  Dig into the projects and see if they fit your likings/goals.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. Follow me here and Twitter @BussTechno.

Rules for giveaway:

1. Must follow on Publish0x and Twitter- will be checked.

2. Comment "I like $BYTES" along with your Twitter handle in the Publish0x comment section below. Posting on Twitter won't count.

3. Random Draw will occur on 22DEC2021.

4. All winners will be posted here and on Twitter (tagged) in an updated version of this article no later than 23DEC2021.


You can check the ETH/BYTES pair here on Dextools

cover picture courtesy of  RODNAE Productions on pexels.

---Update for Winners---

5 of 6 winners have been completed; In contact with the last winner:


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