Dive On The Floor For The Loose Balls
Dive On The Floor For The Loose Balls

By Daniel Pinkowski | Business Strategy | 29 Jan 2019


How do coasches get millionaire NBA player to dive for a loose ball on a hardwood Floor?

Simple, says Bonston Celtics coach brad Stevens.


" I don't think there's any formulas for it, to be honest," he said " if you want guys that dive all over the place, get Guys that dive."



Apply the same concept to business. Hire employees who will take the extra efforet to accomplish the goals of your business.


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Daniel Pinkowski
Daniel Pinkowski

Retired Martial Artist living in Shenzhen China, doing crypto mining, and teaching Hapkido martial Arts. involved with import and export to USA. I also do consulting to business. I am from the Chicago Area and now traveling the world.

Business Strategy
Business Strategy

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