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Where You Want To See Yourself In Next 10 Years?

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A very common interview question, Where You Want To See Yourself In Next 10 Years? And the answer from a candidate mostly impressive when they reply with a positive attitude. But my reply will be different but positive though I'm not planning for any kind of job right now. I'll reply like, I want to see myself financially successful, maybe not like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, but a very rich person who can afford time for her own and can spend time as she want.

Maybe I've mentioned my future goals many times in my several blogs but today once again I'll mention for my new friends as readers over there. I always wanted to be a farmer who will have her own vegetable garden, fruit garden and flower garden of her own. This is the thing that gives me inner peace and complete satisfaction. Farming for me like feeding my soul and I would love to grow my own food and also will cook it my own. What I'm doing to be a rich?

These days I'm sleeping a lot and dreaming to have everything I want to have. My hope is cryptocurrency and I want to make money from it and have plan for business as well. After earning a decent amount from crypto trading I may afford buying my own land, working space and can build a house of my own or I may buy a flat for living with peace that the roof over my head will be my own earning or biggest achievement from financial practices. I want to see myself in next ten years there where life seems complete and my financial freedom will be assured for a lifetime.

After ten years if I'll stay alive, I'll travel and will fulfil all the dreams that can make possible with the money. I'll keep pets and will feed poor as much possible. I'm not going to take my money to my grave but before the end of life I want to spend money as I want all the time. In next 10 years I want to discover myself as a happy person without any stress in my mind and without any care about society and people who doesn’t want me to see successful.

Show off to people that I'm having huge money is foolish because this way we usually invite our enemies. So if I get rich, I'll lead a simple lifestyle but will reach my goals that can be possible with the money. Cryptocurrency make me hopeful and just a day ago I bought a smallest amount of BTC and I've aim to increase the amount for investment. If everything goes well as planned then I may see myself happiest and luckiest in next 10 years and what else we want in our life to have?

My answer is financial but not to please anyone to get any job. Most of the job seekers reply confidently that they want to be an owner of business or will promoted to the CEO of a company. This is indeed impressive. I appreciate it for others but I appreciate my aim for next 10 years and we all know that time is running so fast and ten years is closer.

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