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No Check, No Cash, Only Digital Currency

Think about the digital world where money transaction or trading only allowed digital money or currencies. World wide a same currency and no hassle to exchange it to local currency. Everywhere the digital currency will be welcome. I dream of a digital world where there all people will be familiar with Bitcoin, every single purchase will allow bitcoin and our money will be saved in a safe wallet where there no one can get access until we give access.

This is so smart that help us going with the demand of time and taking advantages of technology. Still there are many countries has crypto currencies ban and huge people not even familiar with bitcoin. For example our maid at house who is uneducated, she only knows cash if anyone cheat her paying less she can't even protest because she is absolutely uneducated and doesn’t know counting. Yes, this kind of illiterate people still exist in this world so before experience the digital money world wide, a national should ensure 100% education rate.

If we keep trying then hopefully our future generation can experience the awesomeness of digital money or currency. I'm experiencing this individually but as I said I dream about a world familiar with bitcoin and crypto currencies as virtual cash. Transaction here is instant and massive using of crypto can make it more valuable in future. We can hope for more stable coins that help us paying for necessary goods and products.


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Few of us earning crypto and all of us exchanging it with the local currency to spend so the dream of many crypto lovers like me will take a lots of time. You can explain what is crypto, how it works but you need people who can understand this and use it in real life. The evolution could be very close if education rate would be 100% world wide. Its true that everything has positive and negative impacts but when we can avoid maximum negativity, we can bring maximum positive changes.

See, virtual cash has less chances to be theft and no tension of money when you are carrying it with you in your device like smartphone. Your wallets are secured by different authorization so if your smartphone lost, still your money is saved in wallet and you can access your wallet with your secret password or PIN. Carrying big sum of cash could be dangerous as we find in newspaper that many people were killed by thief or robbers for the money. So virtual wallet also a kind of security of life.

Actually I forget when I last time used my check book because I use ATM card and virtual wallet of local currency. I still carry a small amount of cash if necessary but I prefer big transactions via online banking services. My cash transaction is virtual but my currency is not digital yet. A digital currency I expect that will allow us travelling world wide without any kind of money exchange or any kind of limit. I think with the blessing of technology this is possible in near future.

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