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Gambling Or Business, What's Your Choice?


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No one wants the bad in life. The thing is bad will be bad for everyone like smoking kills and it doesn't spare anyone. Do you really think that gambling can grow your money? Its addictive and it seems the shortcut of making money when it is forbidden in religious views. What about people who doesn't care about religious views and already made huge money from gambling? They will lost whatever they have earned sooner or later.

Many sites or source scam innocent people by influencing them involving in online gambling projects and for the greed of short cut money they lost almost everything. Even its not a wonder that gambling enter to the crypto world. It will ruin us if we keep continue involving in such digital gambling. Once you get into the trap, it hardly possible to come out from the tap.

Business and services are the best if those are free from any kind of forbidden things like gambling and other easy money making schemes. History left huge examples where we can see how gambling ruined lives. Lottery, betting, spin games and others gambling type games that can entertain you but considering them money making source will be your biggest mistake. We may earn from gambling but we also earn curse that we understand sooner or later. So it never can be the choice of a normal human being to make money.

Many clever people explain gambling as legit, legal and trustworthy when its forbidden, sinful and curse. Finance can be affected by it in many ways. At first it affect a person's personal finance then it affect the financial condition of a family and gradually it ruin almost everything. So don't encourage gambling in crypto or any kind of earning source that can be polluted by gambling.

Do business that doesn't harm others and can improve the finance of your country. Sometimes we involve into something harmful for us but we are not aware to it. Business can be a permanent source of income when gambling is a temporary source and when you lost everything, you lost the interest to life and stop trying some other thing to make money. Honestly I get into it and start dreaming to be a billionaire, it was crypto based and they showed us a balance that was fake.

The online gambling crypto trading site was a time killer because those scammers insist users to invest and they use cryptos as their weapons. Fool and greedy people fall into the trap and invest on such gambling where you need to guess a number, you need to put a number of amount to win or lose. I tried it for two months and wait until it scam as I trust them and they explained it as legit and not a gambling. They claim that a business.

They were fraud and grabbed all the money of greedy people. Thankfully I had no big lose but wasted a lots of time like a fool. So never try short cut to make money and only do honest business. Learn from my mistake and I will try not to repeat the same mistake again in future.


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