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February Crypto Earning Experience And My Personal Finance Strategies

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February is over and crypto market shows green candles at the end of it. According to my financial plan I thought my February crypto earning would be nil. Its nil because I didn’t withdraw my profit earning from crypto investment but I made profit and can invest them for next trading to make more profit. It will be easy to accumulate more crypto asset or stable coin if I don't withdraw next few months and trade wisely. This way I can recover my losses last year. 

Right now my personal finance strategy is accumulating more stable coin to buy more crypto and make profit to make more. Next few months I may follow this strategy but it can be changeable anytime and it will depend on market performance and also on my mood.

Gradually red candle is appearing and its a sign that crypto market always offer you buying or investment opportunity. As always I got desperate and bought some coins as I wanted to see my coin pump surprisingly more but it didn’t happen. No problem, better luck next time to me and February was a good month that helped me recovering few losses and also helping me to get ready for March. 

Bitcoin is still above $60k and that is really very impressive. I wish ETH and optimism also hold tight the high price pump though market is open for all and a buyer always expect red candle to buy dip which is very common and expected. Very few can wait for big pump and I always sell my assets when it just start pumping as a result I can't make as much profit as an experience crypto traders make from their investment.  

January and February this year crypto market is showing the hope of bull market and bitcoin may hit 70k soon which going to be more than all time high. Bitcoin price pump may break previous all time high price record and we all crypto marketers expecting to see this soon this year. Sometimes price dump of our desired coin makes us frustrated but an investor who can wait can enjoy the reward of holding coins with patience. 

Honestly I understand everything but I don't have control over my emotions so I buy and sell emotionally as a result I experience unexpected asset loss. Though asset loss is recoverable but the time we left behind that can't be back and can't be restored. So time is money and sometimes patience can do the thing that hard work hardly can. Patience has power and crypto marketers already experienced the power many times. My personal finance is good but I'll keep working for my lifetime financial freedom. 

How was your February Finance? Feel free to share! 

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