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Do You Trust Crypto Giveaways On Social Media X


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This morning for the first time I try Crypto giveaway on my social media X platform but there is a doubt in my mind because I never saw anyone post about winning such big giveaway. There are huge social media X verified accounts offer giveaways though its not completely free because they ask for follow, subscribe and share but I can say this free giveaway because following, subscribing doesn’t cost us money.

There is always a crowd of comments in such giveaway offered tweets or posts. Its my first time today when I respond a post that asked for follow, subscribe and click the bell icon in social media X. It was offering $SOL and I comment my wallet address as I followed the user and retweeted the post too. This was just a try and less chance to win anything because I reached it after 12 hours of post. There is nothing bad trying something for free right? 

What if those giveaways are not real? This will be trustworthy to me only when I'll win it someday. Though I'm not super active on social media X but I really look for a miracle that can help me having financial freedom for lifetime. To launch a business or start up we all need money to invest so before investing money, we need to earn it because all the people are not lucky enough to have financial sponsors or family support. Crypto is a life changing asset so there is a hope to experience miracle that can change our life positively. 

For promotional purpose there are many crypto traders offer crypto giveaways but it looks like many scammers take the advantage of this initiative and offer fake giveaway, but this fake giveaway can't harm users at least so trying this can be not risky. Whenever we try for something, we must expect something from it and social media giveaway can be real or sometimes fake. Solana already listed as reputed crypto coin and this can be a good giveaway if real users offering this to promote their social media handles. 

For promotional purpose offering giveaways are not something new and its awesome when it is real and reward is cryptocurrency. Meme coins also can be a good giveaway if promoters trying to promote any business or service for long time. Following and subscribing is free though social media X doesn’t allow users to subscribe for free, only verified accounts can get the subscribers and subscription is not free on X. Subscription is free on YouTube.  Anyway,  if I need to promote anything world wide then I may try giveaway offer for more attention and growth of business. 

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