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Be Prepared For Unplanned Expenses

By shohana1 | Business & Finance | 9 Sep 2023

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Accidents hardly alert us before appearing and some unexpected extra expenses also appear like an accident. Yes I consider spending out of budget with accident because no one want to spend money to fail their financial budget for a month and year, at least I don't want it at all. People mostly go through situations that they never want to experience and this happen to me right now. Last night my laptop is switching off automatically because it has issues of CMOS Battery which has link with motherboard.

Either I need to change it or I have to find a solution. I need to go to the servicing center where from my laptop was bought four years back. They offered me free servicing for lifetime but if my laptop need to change or replace some hardware then I have to pay. Going there will also charge me transportation rent and other food buying cost will be added as I may have to wait there for several hours. Sometimes they keep device for a day. I wanted to go today for fixing the issue but I remember that tomorrow is Sunday and the servicing center will be off so better I wait till Monday.

My laptop is working when I'm connecting the charger but without charger it shutting down without any notification and whenever I power on it, I got notification that, the CMOS check some is invalid and more text. I searched the issue on internet and most of them suggesting to change CMOS battery of motherboard. So this going to charge me money and this is my accidental and unplanned expenses that bothering me though I've money but I wanted to be frugal and this happen to me unfortunately.

Indeed its a lesson for me and each month I have extra expenses which not included in my monthly budget as a result my budget each month fail. So the all I need to save some extra money from my earning if possible and then I can be prepared for unwanted and unplanned expenses like this. This is not only about device but also our health, sometimes we fall sick and need medicines and each month we don't add this in our budget when we should add it too.

Money is necessary for life but spending it more than budget can bring financial crisis and sometimes it make me frustrated that I may fall into the debt someday though I've no record of debt in the past and present and I wish to be lucky enough that in future I may never experience financial crisis or debt. So with the aim of adding extra money in the budget I'll work more for these extra expenses as much possible. Last month I made some online purchase and that was out of my budget too and I may try to increase the monthly budget. Inflation still affecting my life and its easy to spend when the price of each product is increasing day by day.

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