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My daily meditations

By gemamedina | Buscando un camino | 23 Jun 2023


Today I woke up with my daily meditations in order to keep my mind calm, in the peace and quiet of my room. Since I have been practising them I have felt a very important and noticeable change in my life. I have managed, through these moments of meditation, to find a space that I dedicate to myself. This has led me to feel a kind of inner peace that leads me to calm my thoughts. I know, through the relaxation I feel when meditating, that the thoughts are there, but that they need to be considered in a calmer way.


I have found that by focusing on the breathing I do every day, placing my hands on my chest, closing my eyes, inhaling and exhaling for several seconds, my body is filled with a calmness and sense of well-being that accompanies me throughout the day. In addition, I realised that with the meditations I do every day, early in the morning, we can achieve a lot by internalising our emotions, feelings, all connected to the experience of each day.

What has been most fulfilling for me, through these therapies, is that I have been able to break through the barrier of disbelief that I had before. Every time I heard about these things, I thought they were not so important, and I even saw them with a lot of distance.

But we changed over time. Thank goodness we change, because in change lies the fact that we can continue to grow, to learn, to acquire new ways of being and being in time. In this way we will pass on to our children, family and friends that which has helped us, at some point in our lives, to overcome difficulties, fears, atavistic fears, and to rediscover a light in the midst of the adverse circumstances through which we all, at some point in our lives, must pass.



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My name is Gema Medina and I live in Venezuela. I like photographs, reading and writing.

Buscando un camino
Buscando un camino

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