One of the cats, resting in the shop window (all photo are my property)

A rainy day, a cup of coffee and some cute cats

By gemamedina | Buscando un camino | 21 Jul 2023


The day was rainy, so my friends and I decided to go for a coffee in the centre of Caracas. We looked for a cosy place to have coffee and found Kfe en taza, located on a busy avenue in the city centre.


To our surprise, when we entered we found a very nice place, with a decoration that alluded to those beings so dear to us, such as cats.


Immediately, we saw that there were some cats resting in the shop window and some smaller cats wandering around. 


We spoke to the person in charge of the café and started a pleasant conversation. She told us that in this place you can interact with the cats, pet them, sit them on your lap, while you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, accompanied by a piece of cake, a sandwich or a dessert. 


She was very emphatic in telling us that the cats cannot be given anything to eat, as they are very strict about maintaining health standards for the kitties. She also told us that her cats are properly vaccinated, and that they have a door that allows them to escape and isolate themselves from visitors if they want to rest.


Pablo, Hanneke and I love cats. So that moment we spent in this café, together with the cats on our legs, was very nice. During the time we spent here we felt quite relaxed and comfortable in the place, thanks to the presence of the cats who let themselves be petted and receive our affection for quite a while.


We took some pictures, which I show you here, so you can enjoy as much as we do.



The photos are my property, taken with a mobile phone.

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My name is Gema Medina and I live in Venezuela. I like photographs, reading and writing.

Buscando un camino
Buscando un camino

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