You must watch The Queen's Gambits, that was amazing!

By Etson0x | Burky | 8 Nov 2020

Hello everyone, have great and safe days..

I have just finished a Mini TV Series in Netflix, named The Queen's Gambit.. That was one the best series i have ever watched.. In 7 parts i have just couldn’t take my eyes and brain away and finished in 6 hours without taking a breath! That's why i wanted to recommend it so badly to you..

That was a story of orphan girl, whos mother got suicade and her dad heas leaved them before that..  Think about it, 1960's world, an orphan girl without anyone.. The world was cruel and she needs to be strong in her life.. The main character Beth Harmon (her real name Anya Taylor-Joy) is becoming a passionate chess player..


There are some important characters in this series and they all have performed amazingly great.. That's why this series got 8.9 ratings from IMDB in 53k votes.. Very high one isn't it?! After i check IMDB i did understand that everyone loved it just like me.. You can check it in here:

You would also learn some important points from 1960's Russia, actually that was SSCB that times.. You would understand how Chess was important for them.. And you would understand why best Chess players comes from there.. The master Vasily Borgov would make you understand when you watch him..

The series about the Chess actually and i don’t like chess too much but i believe everyone would love it if love chess or not.. I believe it was about survival and finding the way in life.. And also it says that we al have to find out our specialities and we should learn how to use them in correct ways..

Yes, there were too many messages for life and i got some very important lessons after i finished it..

I would recommend everyone to watch it, you wont regret it i guarantee you about that..

Thank you for reading me..

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