"WARZONE" More than 80 million people are playing this game right now!

By Etson0x | Burky | 23 Apr 2020

Hello everyone.. It became a my tradition when i start my artciles with "Wish you healthy and safe days" words.. I believe those words should be our best wishes.. 

This situation only brought me more extra free times and i could play more with my Play Station.. Usually i am with the Call of Duty in these days because they have their new version which is Warzone is should be the greatest game ever created.. Do you howmany people is playing it? I tell you, more than 80 million people is playin Warzone! 80 big million!

The first releasing day they had 6 million download and the servers got stucked.. I haven't heard any game or any application which has 6 million download in just 1 day! And in first 15 days they had over 30 millions download.. 

The full game CD is about $65 but the Warzone version is totally free.. If you have PS4 just go and download and get on the field.. 



Anyways, me and my friend Birkan who is a DJ wanted to have Plunder Duo, which you only could play with one friend.. There are over 80 teams, both two players, try to find a chests and moneys.. At the end which teams collects more money will be the champion.. You will gain XP points when you finish higher spots and you will buy guns or costumes with those points.

This game we could find 19 chest and killed the enemies 8 times (i got 5 :) and could collect $131k.. We couldn't finished in Top10 but that was very exciting.. The enemies are the other players and they are playing at their homes just like me.. 100's of real players in the game and millions of in the same network.. Just amazingly big network right??

Thank you and hope you like what you watch..

Image Credit: https://bit.ly/2zegcZL

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