The origins of each NBA team names

The origins of each NBA team names

By Etson0x | Burky | 8 Sep 2020


2 days ago i have read a content and that was about "English Premier League teams old names"..

I knew all of them actually i know more of them because i have lived in England and have been in lots of different teams games..

That post reminded me about my precious NBA and i also know the teams nicknames too.. Some of you know that i am working about NBA since 2008, watched 1000s of games and appeared in live TV Shows and radio programs..

We have 30 different NBA teams in the league, only Los Angeles and New York got two teams. (Lakers and Clippers, Knicks and Nets)

The NBA teams names requires the name of their city first and then their nicknames, just like Chicago Bulls.. Before they got those nicknames they all had to decide them and they all had different choices.. I wanted to show you those names.. And some of them are really interesting and cool😎

They all have stories and reasons to have those names..

So, i wanted to know about them.. I am going to start with;

Atlanta Hawks

That was Blackhawks but then they have changed to Hawks..

Boston Celtics

Before they choose Celtics they were disqussing about Whirlwinds, Olympians and Unicorns.. I believe Celtics is way better..

Brooklyn Nets

Same since the beginning in 1994 they were going to change their name to Swamp Dragons but it never happened..

Charlotte Hornets

Hornets was their first name but they have changed to Charlotte Bobcats in 2004.. The other considered names were Dragons and Flight. In 2014 the franchise got their old name back..

Chicago Bulls

Bulls from the beginning but Matadors and Toreadors were the other choices at the beginning..

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers name has choosen with the fan voting at the beginning.. Foresters, Towers, and Presidents were the other choices..

Dallas Mavericks

There were two names when they start to franchise, the management choosed Mavericks over Wranglers..

Denver Nuggets

They were playing ABA league before they join to the NBA and their name was Denver Rockets.. But when they join the league they had too choose another name because Rockets has been taken from Houston and they have choosen Nuggets..

Detroit Pistons

Same name since beginning.. We also call them Bad Boyz!

Golden State Warriors

Their names was Philadelphia Warriors but they have change it to Golden State Warriors when they have moved to the San Francisco..

Houston Rockets

Same name since beginning..

Indiana Pacers

Same name since beginning.. They got their "Pace" name from the Indianapolis 500 races..

Los Angeles Clippers

Their first name was Buffalo Braves and they have changed it when they move to L.A.

Los Angeles Lakers

Their first name was Minneapolis Lakers and they have changed it when they move to L.A.

Memphis Grizzlies

Their first name was Vancouver Grizzlies when they were in Canada, they changed their name when they move to the Memphis.. Ravens was another choice but they have sticked with the Grizzlies..

Miami Heat

Same name since beginning.. The other choices were Sharks, Tornadoes, Beaches, and Barracudas but they got the Heat at the first place..

Milwaukee Bucks

Same name since beginning.. The other choices were Robins and Skunks..

Minnesota Timberwolves

Same name since beginning.. The other choices were Polars and Blizzards..

New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans Hornets was their first name but in 2012 they have changed to Pelicans..

New York Knicks

Knickerbockers was their original name but they have changed it to Knicks later..

Oklahoma City Thunder

When Seattle SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma they had to change their name.. Renegades, Twisters, and Barons were other choices but they have decided to have Thunder isntead of them..

Orlando Magic

Same name since beginning.. The other choices were Floridians, Juice, Orbits, Astronauts, Aquamen, and Sentinels

Philadelphia 76ers

Their first name was Syracuse Nationals but in 1963 they have changed it to 76ers..

Phoenix Suns

Same name since beginning.. When they have found this team they had the voting, there were 28.000 votes and the people has choosen Suns over Scorpions, Rattlers, and Thunderbirds..

Portland Trail Blazers

Same name since beginning.. The other choice was Pioneers..

Sacramento Kings

Their first name was Rochester Royals in 1945 when they have founded.. When they have moved to Cincinnati they gave changed their name to Kansas City-Omaha Kings in 1957.. They have moved to California in 1985 and they got their final name Sacramento Kings..

San Antonio Spurs

Group of bussinesman bought this club in 1973 and their name was Dallas Chaparrals that time.. They were planning to have "Aztecs" name but Spurs were final decision..

Toronto Raptors

Same name since beginning.. The other choices were Bobcats and Dragons..

Utah Jazz

Their first name was New Orleans Jazz when they founded in 1974, they didn't change their names when they move to the Utah and their name became Utah Jazz..

Washington Wizards

Their first name was Washington Bullets when they founded.. They got the Wizards name in 1998.. The other choices were Dragons, Express, Stallions, and Sea Dogs.

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