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By Etson0x | Burky | 19 Dec 2020


Hello everyone, have great week..

This morning i wanted to watch a movie, some of you know my passion for the TV Series and i usually watch them, not the movies.. Ofcourse i love to watch movies too but my problem is i can't find good movies to watch.. Usually i fed up in several minutes when i start a new movie and that make me choose a new series to watch..

I have lived in 80's and 90's and i believe i have watched lots of amazing movies.. I believe that's why i can't find good movies easily.. I only would hope about new great ones..


Anyways, you would find love , both about family and relations,

The Secret "Dare to Dream" has lots of different and important points.. Like;

Story of a women who has forgot how to love..

Story of a man who believes in miracles..

A story of childrens that they all want to be happy..

Story of granny who wants to keep their children safe and happy..

The Secret was a great movie for me.. Because i could find lots of important points about real life in it.. I have realised lots of things after i watched it.. I have realised hat how families are important.. I don't have any children but i believe i need to have them as soon as possible.. This movie also showed me that.. But also i could see that to being parent is something really hard.. But i am sure i would love it..

I also visited IMDB just after i finished the movie.. But when i found 6.4 ratings i feel little strange.. It should be more than 7.5.. Anyways if you watch it you would give your own rating.. I believe you would not regret it..

You can watch this movie with your family or with your friends.. A movie for everyone else..

Thank you for reading..

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