The Most Dramatic Champions League Final!

By Etson0x | Burky | 21 Apr 2020

Do you remember that game? The game that Mancheter United beated Bayern in stoppage times goals.. I was watching the game online on TV and couldn't believed my eyes at the end.. The game was too fast and hard, i believe that was one of the greatest CL final.. (My favorite was Liverpool-Milan finals which was shocking in 2005 and also i was at the game!)

The crowd were amazing at Nou Camp - Barcelona.. There were more than 90.000 people in the stadium.. The referee was my best man Pierluigi Collina.. Both goalkeepers were the captains, Peter Schmeichel and Oliver Kahn.. Both were giant goal keepers.. Their teams was just looking to their mouths and obey them %100! We don't have that kind of goal keepers any more.. There were big respects to them.. There were also vetern players on the field who was Teddy Sheringham and Lotar Matthaus..

Lots of people considers that the Champions League final is the most important game for football clubs.. And i am thinking in the same way.. Because you want to have a league championships to go to CL arena.. And the final.. You fight for this game.. Only 90 minutes and you could be the best team in the world.. That should be the biggest excitement of the world right?

Manu had 2 missing players who was Paul Scholes and Roy Kean.. I believe they were very important specially for this kind of game.. They were injured and couldn't catch the game.. The final would be way harder for Manu without this two star players.. Thate was very important for Sir Alex Ferguson because he haven't won the CL before..




The Germans started too hot to the game and Mario Basler has scored great freekick goal at the 6th minute.. After that in first half Bayern could score more goals and the game could finish in the first half.. They had spent lots of great goal opportunities but they couldn't able to beat Schmeichel again.. (After the game Schmeichel said that everything has changed in the half.. He talked about Alex Ferguson's speech.. Which was; " With the way we play, we can not win the trophy.. When you go out to the second half, the thropy is there, please take a look at it closely because if you don't change your game that will be theirs.." I believe that was a historical half time speech with high sprit..

After the first half starts Bayern Munich kept playing dominant and they had lot of chances for goal.. In 75th minutes Mehmet Scholl's lifted over shot passed the Schmeichel but didn't passed the post.. After the game Schmeichel also said that; "In that position when i turned back and saw the ball hitting the post and it came to my arms.. That time i knew that we are going to be a champion! If that ball went in everything would be finished for Manu.. But it didn't!


I believe everything started to change when Matthaus got exhausted and came to the bench.. That was 81st minute.. But Germans had one more very unlucky moment.. In 82nd minute Carsten Jancker's bicycle kick hit the bar in a crowded position.. And if that ball went in everything would finished for Manu one more time.. But the luck was with the English again..

Alex Ferguson had only used two substitutions, he got in Solskjaer in 67' and Sheringham in 81'.. We can see that those were great substitutions because they both had goal and brought the championships to their team..

In last 5 minutes Manu had all the risks and whole team were playing at the other half of the pitch.. In first overtime minute Manu got the corner and also Schmeichel went out for searching the goal.. The Beckham corner kick was amazing as always and in the crowded area Sheringham scored the goal who was just came in 9 minutes ago..



Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, todays manager of the Manchester United said that he was too nervous because he thought that he was going to play 30 minutes extra times in the Champions League Final.. But he was wrong! Only 1 minutes after the goal, Manu had another corner kick with Dave Beckham and Solskjaer scored the historical goal..

Yes, that was too harsh and too dramatic.. I believe for the both team and bot supporters.. It was shocking moments.. I believe millions of people had the same feeling after the game..

Thank you for reading me, hope you like my content..

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