The Best Goal in History of Football (The Goal of the Century)

By Etson0x | Burky | 12 Apr 2020


The GOAL that has changed everything..


I believe everything was started for Argentina in 1978, when they hosted to World Cup.. They had amazing tournament and they had won their first championships.. That was the greatest day for Argentinian football.. But Maradona wasn't there.. The coach Cesar Luis Menotti haven't choose Maradona for the squad and he said that he is still too young.. He was 17 years old that time..

Next year Maradona played with Argentina in FIFA World Youth Championship and they have beaten Soviet Union in the finals and gain the championship..

In next World Cup Maradona has found a spot for himself but they had eleminated at the second round.. Maradona has scored two goals in 1982 tournament..

4 years later Maradona was the new world star and he was Argentinian national team captain.. He was only 25 years old.. After he gained his World Cup next 3 years he had won 2 Serie A championships and a UEFA cup..

Anyways.. In 1986 World Cup the Argentina has finished at the top spot in the first rounds in group A.. 3 days later in Round of 16 match they have beaten Uruguay 1-0 and reached the quarter finals..

And the history has just happened in the quarter finals.. Argentina and England had to play each other for semi final and that was one of the greatest game in history of football.. We had "2" unforgettable Argentina goal in this game.. I would never forget about it.. I was lucky because i was watching the game live on TV!

That game was too important for politics as well, only 4 years ago Argentina fought against England at the Falklands War.. Both teams was not playing, they were only fighting! The crowd was also amazing.. There were 114,580 fans in the Estadio Azteca Stadium..

The first half was a big struggle on the pitch and finished 0-0.. In second half in 51st minute Maradona scored the first goal and that goal had a name, which was "Hand of GOD".. Yes, he scored the first goal with his hand.. Today everyone know about it.. Maradona had a ball from Valdano and jumped in to the penalty area.. The England goal keeper was Peter Shilton and he has jumped too and wanted to punched the ball away.. That time Maradona used his brain and had a tiny touch to the ball with his letf hand..


The first goal was also historical but i believe the second goal was better and the authorities has choosen that goal "The Goal of the Century".. After 1-0 Argentina kept playing hard and only 4 minutes later Maradona has done it again.. But that goal was a masterpiece, that was a fine art.. He has surpassed Reid, Beardsley, Fenwick, Butcher and the goalkeeper Peter Shilton.. That was really SHOWTIME!

We had new world star Maradona and he scored amazing and unforgettable 2 goals in one world cup game.. That was a great great story.. That day i wanted to be an Argentinian citizen.. After the game Maradona was saying that those 2 goals was a symbolic revenge from England after the Falklands War.. That statement was also shocking..

This would be the right question to ask.. Do we know him well before the 1986 FIFA World Cup?

If we check Maradona's teammates we would see some good players but was that enough for championship?

I mean if we check Germany or Brasil, were they better team? Many people thought that they have better players than Argentina..


If we check England defenders;

Gary Stevens

Kenny Sansom

Terry Fenwick

Terry Butcher

Were they good? I believe so.. But they were not good enough to stop Maradona..

Now i want to ask you, how anyone could compare Messi and Maradona? Yes, Messi is one of the best footballer i have ever watch.. I have watched him live in stadium too.. But could Messi managed to gain the World Cup? No.. And he has never played great in World Cups..

I also want to show you some of Maradona skills.. I believe that there would be no one like him.. Ever..!!  

And we should always remember Napoli miracle.. He has won the Serie A championships nearly by his own.. Juventus and Milan has lots of world stars in their squads but they couldn't fight with him.. That was also another amazing story.. I mean which player could gain a championship just like Maradona did?? No one.. Ever!

I feel emotional while i am writing this article because i missed those days.. Everything has changed now.. The football has changed big time.. The game play has totally changed.. The players choose money first, not the colors.. In 80's the players usually would stay in their teams until they get retire.. They were signing the empty contracts.. Also the fans are changed too.. They all want to have successful team.. They forget that we were love our teams in good or bad days, in wins or looses..

What do you think about this goal? Was is really amazing for you too? Please comment below...

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