The Alienist, history and crime..

By Etson0x | Burky | 13 Nov 2020


Hello everyone, have great and healthy days..

I wanted to share my thought with you about the Alienist.. A prime Netflix series..

The year of 1896.. There are too much mystery and crimes in New York city.. Human life was not too precious specially when you were not rich and wealthy.. The power and the money rules in big time.. And you would never want to get involved with police department as well.. That times they could really do what they wanted!

I believe we have very interesting characters in this series and actually all of them having different types of thinking style.. That's why they can complete each others and becoming powerful group..

We have Alienist which is psychologist in our days, we also have female private detective and one hero from New York Times, a strong and clever journalist.. As i said we have some bad and dirty polices.. You would see their cruelness..

Sara Howard, the female detective is quite rich women, she had huge heritage from her father but she never stop chasing the truth. But she always wants to stay alone and that is her curse..

John Moore, the journalist, he just loves Sara and he is finding way with her.. Only her.. And he has the sharpest intelligence.. He always finds some solutions when his partners stays quite..

And Laszlo Kreizler, my man! Laszlo, who is a quite mad and modest man.. He thinks that he knows everything.. And usually he was right! :) You can talk anything with him and i am sure he would beat your knowledge easily with acting arrogantly..

In second season which i have just watched it you would find a mystery about baby murders and i believe you could call this part little heavy but i believe they have just shown what they really wanted to.. So i can say that was very successful one.. The first one was amazing too.. So i believe you need to start from the season 1 and you have to watch 18 episodes with lots of excitement.. And i wanted to warn you, there are some really scary scenes.. Some of you could find it too harsh.. Watch about the babies.. !

This kind of series usually gets between 5,5 - 7 ratings in IMDB and when we check Alienist on there we would see 7,7 which is good enough for me..

They also got %74 from Rotten Tomatoes and 8,3 from

So i would recommend you to watch this series, i am sure you gonna like it, specially the characters.. My best one was Laszlo Kreizler..

Thank you for reading me, hope you would like what you watch..

PS: I really wouldn't live in early 1900's if i were poor.. Thank God for that..


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