Testing "Final Auto Claim Faucet" for FREE Crypto

By Etson0x | Burky | 22 Apr 2020

Hello everyone,

I want to give you some information about the "Final Auto Claim Faucet"..  I've met them 32 days ago and start to collect my free coins automaticly.. You actually don't have to do anything, your device will do all.. You only need to collect some Auto Claims tokens for start, if you use their faucets it would give you 100 Claim tokens which you can collect in every 30 minutes.. So you don't need to spend big time, only couple of minutes.. 

You can use your any kind of computer and smart phone for FREE auto collect.. I am using my old iphone for that.. It is on charge and keeps collecting 24/7.. But i am checking my stats on my laptop.. You can login your account at any device..




You can withdraw your coins in several crypto ways, it's very easy to use and withdraws are too fast.. I got my payments in several minutes.. Their minimum withdraw limits aren't high it is very easy to which is great.. 






You can choose up to 43 different coins by reaching the top level 43.. I am at level 9 and i can only collect 9 different coins.. But my level is keeps raising..



In every two days i choose different 9 coins and now i have 40 different ones in my wallet..

So far i have withdrawn LTC, ZEN, BCH and Zcash, today also will withdraw Tezos coins to my Bittrex account.. I believe in one week i will be able to withdraw Ravencoin, Potcoin and Nano coin.. And the other coins will come after.. As i said its been almost one month that i discover them and still making my tests.. If i get satisfy i get some several old phones and will collect more.. I believe this method could collect couple of 100s $ in a year..





You can also collect more coins with different actions, just check the image below 👇 👇 



I also made some researche about the website, it has huge potential and they already in Top 10k website in the world.. They have more than 100k active users..



If you want you can use their service and collect coins you can sign up here: http://autofaucet.dutchycorp.space/?r=etson


Thank you, hope this content would be useful for you..


Image Credit: Final Auto Claim website

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