🥈 Silver Medal at Call of Duty - Blood Money

By Etson0x | Burky | 7 May 2020

Hello everyone, the gaming lovers..

I haven't been shared my game plays since one week, because of the bad connection between Youtube and Play Station networks.. Thank God it has fixed last day and i am sharing my newest game play with you..

We played Blood Money, which you need to collect money.. If you kill or got killed it wouldn't be matter, you should only collect more money, that's all.

As i told you my previous posts there are lots of ways to collect money in Blood Money mode on Call of Duty..

- You can find the hidden boxes

- If you kill an enemy you would get his %20 money

- The Tasks.. You need to go marked places and collect the bounties

- If you can crush the attack helicopters it will also give you lots of money

Anyways, in this game me and 2 of my friend could managed to collect $600k and awarded with the silver chest.. 

I hope you like what you watch..

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