My Racing Adventures Part 3 🏁 "Ford Mustang GT (2015)"

By Etson0x | Burky | 27 Feb 2020

Hello everyone.. It's been 8 days that i haven't shared any of my racing video in Publish0x community.. Today i start where i was and this would be mine third racing adventure video.. You can watch the previous ones in here:



Today i wanted to try Ford Mustang GT, which was quite hard to drive in turns but it has quite great engine sound :)

I give you some information about the beatiful monster car!



Technical Details:

Weight: 1,602 KG

Engine: V8 - 4951 cc

Engine Power: 435 HP

Torque: 530 N·m 

0-100 Km: 4.8 Seconds



Image Credits:



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