My Publish0x Content Creation Guide

By Etson0x | Burky | 11 Aug 2020

Hello everyone, i wish you the greatest day!

I wanted to create this content in last weeks but i believe that i couldn't find the right time to write.. Today i felt that i could write something and decided to publish this small guide.. I wanted to share my humbly opinions with you..


😎 Be unique and original..

Think about that; If you are going to have a new tattoo would you have someone's tattoo or a unique one? The tattoo that only you are having it.. Way better right?     


🙌 Be yourself..

Please do not forget that your Publish0x blog is you.. It would reflect you.. Only you.. So be yourself.. Let us feel you.. Tell us anything about you..   


💓 Create your contents with your passion!

Remember that your contents will be seen 1000s times in Publish0x and when someone reads your creation he/she should learn something.. Your content should make people realize or remind.. The reader should feel your passion.. That time your creation would be the good one, a perfect one.. 


✒️ Choose your content title carefully

Your choosing title should be very effective.. It should say something important.. The visitors must engage with that.. Good titles always got their clicks 😎 


🔎 Do your researches well!

If your content is not a story you should do your researches well.. Give us the most important and exciting explanations about your content.. Ofcourse with your own words..😊 


⏲️ Choose your timing wisely..

Do not hurry, put yourself together and when you find the right time start writing and creating.. Find your best time.. It could be the early morning or midnight..   


✅ Double, Triple Check!

Read your content carefuly before you publish it.. Also you should choose the right communities and tags..


⛔️ Never, ever copy from anyone..

First of all it would not be ethic.. Stealing some ones work is like stealing someones money.. Right? Wouldn't you feel bad if someone steals from you?..


PS: Do not forget to leave the image sources link :)


Thank you for reading, 


Image source: (The image is my own creation :)

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