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By Etson0x | Burky | 6 Jun 2021

I had one week of great holiday in Bodrum, which is in Aegean part of Turkey.. That was lovely and i have lots of fun and rest.. This photo is from Istanbul bosphorus, which i have took just before i leave.. I believe there is no sight like this one..


My journey has started with the bridges (as always) because my city Istanbul has surrounded by the sea, so i had to pass some bridges if i want to leave my city.. This was the 3rd onei named "Yavuz Sultan Selim KΓΆprΓΌsΓΌ".. I took a screenshot from my video, hope we can add some videos soon in here..


This photo from my trip.. We were on the highway and were driving between the mountains.. We had about 7 hours of drive with some lunck break.. Weather was too hot, thank God we had the AC in our car :)


At my first night we had the full moon and i've tried to capture that moment.. You can see the moon between the palm trees.. That was quite and peaceful night we've had..


Aegaen see is just some where wonderful.. You should swim there and you would understand what i meant.. 100's of great coast in Aegean see and i have seen most of them in last 30 years.. (I cut this photo from one of my video)


Have you seen this fish before? It called LUFER.. A monster of Turkey's seas.. Lufer eats other fishes to stay alive.. He could attack and eat nearly its own sizes of fishes.. You can see its teeth if you don't believe me :) We have bought it from the fish store because it is very hard to catch one of them.. I used my owen and prepared veggy fish for our lunch.. If you get a chance one day please taste Lufer.. Delicious!




That was 5 days ago and we decided to have garden cinema :) One of my friend have a projector and all we needed to find some pilows for sit on it.. The movie was great but the environment was better for sure!


We had some big tropical flowers in my friends garden which we have stayed.. I think those plants came from some hot countries because in Turkey we don't have such ones.. I used to sit under them while sun is setting..


In last friday from my vacation me and my firend had amazing dinner. That was meat reastaurant by the sea, they have amazingly delicious meals.. We also have some raki which is our traditional drink.. I am sure you would love to be there..


The last photo from my vacation.. We were at the our way back and was passing a big bridge.. The same as the first photo.. As i told you my previous posts we have many bridges which we have to use when we leave or enter to city of Istanbul. This bridge named Yavuz Sultan Selim.. He was one of the greatest Ottoman Empire name..


Thank you for reading me.. Stay happy and safe!

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