My first "M4A1" Assault Rifle performance!

By Etson0x | Burky | 28 Oct 2020


Hello everyone, have great days..

Today i would like to show you one of my new performance in Call of Duty, Shipment map with my new weapon M4A1..

As you all know that i always play with heavy guns like PKM-14 or Bruen, which has large ammunition boxes, those guns having 200 bullets inside them.. But if we change our gun type and choose Assault Rifles over LMGS we would only have maximum 45 bullets before our upgrades.. But if you choose light weight weapons you would move and run way faster.. And you aiming time would be way better as well.. So every weapon has their different advantages..

Anyways, i got 34 kills in my first M4A1 adventure, i can easily say that this weapon is too fast and strong and would recommend you to try it today if you haven't..

Thank you for reading me, i hope you like what you watched..

PS: I will keep sharing my new weapons testing games with you in here..

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